Applied Biopharm Consulting Receives Funding Boost for Revolutionary Gene Therapy Delivery Research

Applied Biopharm Consulting Ltd has been granted funding by the Local Enterprise Office Cork North and West, aimed at conducting a feasibility study for the innovative engineering of viral capsids and additional molecules through the use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge computational technology in an office-based evaluation. This funding will further facilitate the procurement of necessary software licenses and computing infrastructure.

The enterprise is keen on advancing the development methodologies for biomolecules, particularly focusing on engineered adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, by leveraging molecular screening processes. This initiative is anticipated to significantly enhance the delivery efficiency of therapeutic genes to the designated cells, thereby offering promising treatment avenues for complex health conditions that are beyond the reach of conventional medical interventions.

Applied Biopharm is setting a benchmark with its reliance on computational techniques to scrutinise extensive protein structure datasets comprehensively. This enables the prediction of protein dynamics, including folding and interactions, essential in crafting cutting-edge gene therapy modalities that promise better tissue selectivity, enhanced delivery profiles, and augmented therapeutic efficacy. The adaptable nature of this technology further allows for its application in the innovation of various other therapeutic solutions beyond the realm of AAV vectors.

Dr. Anthony Newcombe, Managing Director at Applied Biopharm Consulting Ltd., asserted, “Our goal is to develop applications to advance biopharmaceutical development by combining artificial intelligence, computational tools and molecular simulations to engineer AAV vectors and other biomolecules with improved precision.”

Kevin Curran, Head of Enterprise from the Local Enterprise Office Cork North and West, stated, “We are delighted to provide a feasibility study grant to Applied Biopharm Consulting Ltd and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of their research.”

The awarding of this grant is a testament to Applied Biopharm’s dedication to driving innovation within the biopharmaceutical industry. The company’s ongoing focus on consulting services remains crucial in aiding their clients to meet manufacturing and compliance standards, ultimately facilitating the introduction of life-saving products to the marketplace.