Coffee Cocktails: Creative Coffee Infusions for Pubs and Bars

Coffee Cocktails: Creative Coffee Infusions for Pubs and Bars

At the planetary level, the demand for coffee cocktails has been increasing lately. The reasons for this are sought in the simplicity and too frequent drinking of classic cocktails that are already available everywhere.

Change the menu and add something new and different. Coffee cocktails are the perfect choice to refresh the menu of your cafe or bar, so let’s see more about them.

Coffee cocktails are the new hit among lovers of a delicious drink

If last summer, as well as in the following months, a large number of visitors were lovers of Mojito, Whiskey Sour, or Malibu, now things are changing. Coffee cocktails are taking the lead and are the most requested drink in cafes, bars, and pubs. We are talking about alcoholic cocktails that contain a dose of espresso or another type of coffee, coffee syrup, or a liqueur that is characteristically used in coffee or has the taste of one of the caffeine drinks.

Hit coffee cocktails that must be on your menu!

1. Irish coffee – although many of you will say, “Well, it’s regular coffee!”, however, Irish coffee is considered a cocktail, because a shot of espresso, a shot of Baileys, Irish whiskey, or a rum-flavored liqueur are often mixed into it. add milk and garnish with marmalade.

2. Espresso Martini – This is no regular martini with a martini twist! This is a super cocktail that was created very accidentally. Vodka, shot espresso, coffee liqueur, and ice are mixed in it. How does it taste? Fantastic and awakening!

3. The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee – a taste that must be in your offer! The irresistible taste of an intense shot of extended espresso, Irish whiskey, and additional demerara syrup.

How to achieve the authentic taste of coffee cocktails

Above you learned the three most popular cocktails that contain coffee, but do you know how to achieve an authentic coffee taste? We will help you with this with the following steps that you must follow.

1. Use professional machines and methods of coffee preparation, because that’s the only way to give the cocktail the right and authentic taste.

2. Stock up on ground coffee or coffee beans from experienced and quality suppliers, such as every out of home coffee supplier that is considered the best professional choice.

3. Collaborate with bartenders who know how to dose correctly, know how to prepare coffee, and regularly attend cocktail preparation training.

4. Use liqueurs and syrups that are intended exclusively for cocktails, but also for professional work such as preparing coffee versions of the best cocktails.

Let the preparation of coffee cocktails be a real feast for the eyes of the visitors

Making cocktails should be a show that doesn’t repeat itself. For that reason, the bartender needs to know how to present the process of preparing and serving the coffee cocktail well, but also to serve it carefully and creatively. For that, you can use advice from professional academies, organize mini-trainings, or take one of the manuals that can help with that.

It is also important to present the offer on the menu nicely

The offer of coffee cocktails should always be visually and beautifully presented in specially made menus. The menus should have a high-quality photo that is the product of a professional photo shoot, then details about the cocktail and the history behind the idea. Thus, every cocktail lover will know that they are ordering and enjoying something special.

Coffee cocktails are a novelty or rather a hit that will be present for a long time on the menus, and that is why it is the right moment to insert, prepare, and promote them in the right way, at the right moment, with the most delicious coffees brought by top professionals.