CryptoAlpacas: Smooth Crypto trading with no Hidden Trading fees

How many of you love pets? We are sure many of you dream of having a cute poo standing at your door, waiting for your arrival from your job or another workplace.

Because it is very nice to have a pet who not only understands your emotions but also helps you to get a shoulder that could easily wipe out your every pain and problem, but why are we suddenly talking about a pet? Because today we have a topic related to digital breeding and raising of a pet through a crypto game called Crypto Alpaca. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check how you can take the first step into the world of bitcoin .

Therefore, we are giving you a little idea about the topic on which we will be sharing a post, so let’s begin the era to discuss the topic:

What is Crypto Alpaca?

Crypto Alpaca is a decentralized crypto game that has its play screen dedicated to pet-raising themes, in which you are given the choice of adopting the pet of your favorite species called Alpacas and can also breed its off-springs.

It is also the game where you are given the chance to feed your pet and earn exciting rewards, it is a 2.0 versioned crypto game for pet lovers and also those who want to earn by feeding the pet online.

Now, that you have got a little idea about what the game is so, let’s get to know what is the procedure for getting a CryptoAlpaca:

You can have your favourite Alpaca in two ways, that is

  • Auction of CryptoAlpaca
  • Purchase

So, getting your Alpacas of generation 0, if you will hold a public auction which is created with a limited number, while you can also get other generations from the others through the Market.

Now as these are digital pets so they have been created through various factors like:

  • Generation
  • Horoscope
  • Appearance
  • Attributes, etc.,

These CryptoAlpacas have their unique appearance which is determined by their genes and these pets are determined by their parent’s genes.

Also, the other factors that determine the Pet’s appearance are its charisma and intimacy.

How to qualify for the Crypto Alpaca trading?

Owning a Crypto Alpaca, you can shear wool from your alpaca by feeding it properly like you can feed it grass and these wools are then converted into digital cryptocurrencies after some time.

Now you can apply the simple math like 1 Grass feeding = One wool= 0.002 ETH. The value of ETH is kept reasonable so that the game’s entry fee is commendable by all of its users.

Now below are the types of wool and another process through which one has to move through to get qualify for the Crypto Alpaca trading:

  • Lucky Wool

How much lucky wool you will get is known by horoscope which is the representation of the entire life cycle of an Alpaca, and is available at its birth. If you can feed Alpaca the grass every day, then it would be turned into a lucky Alpaca which would yield you wool.

  • Intimate Wool

This wool is obtained based on the intimacy you and your Alpaca share, which is again determined by its important attribute called charisma, the charisma shares a fixed value and it gets increasing day by day when the intimacy between you and alpaca begins to increase.

Higher intimacy means a larger number of wools will be generated; it is calculated that the total intimate wool generates 44 % of the total generated wools in a day.


Crypto Alpaca is not only a unique approach with a life lesson, but it is also a game that teaches the importance of animals and has a main theme to understand the value of animal breeding in a very digital manner, also it gives you a better opportunity to earn a good amount of cryptocurrencies.