Romantic Comedy Movies you need to watch this spring

What’s better than watching a nice rom-com movie on a Saturday night with the love of your life? When you are desperately in need of an escape from the daily stresses of this highly competitive world, there is nothing more alluring than a nice, lighthearted romantic comedy movie.

These sweet, lively films usually have a nice ending, leaving you with lovely, positive vibes for the rest of the week. If you are also mentally and physically exhausted and are craving a break from your tough routine, well light up those scented candles, make yourself a bowl of popcorn, order some comfort food, sit close to the fireplace, and put on a nice rom-com movie.

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Once you are done signing up with a dependable provider, get ready to enjoy the romantic comedy films enlisted in this article. We are sure you’ll love them all. Happy reading.

  1. When Harry met Sally

Can a boy and girl be best friends? That is a very significant question that this film tries to answer. The chemistry between the two main characters namely Harry and Sally is commendable.

The film narrates the story of two college graduates who share an intense car ride to NYC during which they continuously argue and disagree with each other. This film also shows the beautiful scenery and landmarks of New York City, thus helping you fall in love with it.

  1. Love, Simon

This movie features a lot of cute teen romance moments, making it an amazing choice for sleepover fare. It revolves around a gay teen who is desperately striving to figure out how to tell his family and friends about his sexuality and find true love. We are sure many people will find this movie truly relatable.

  1. His Girl Friday

This 1940s film is the true definition of an eccentric romantic comedy, with fiery dialogues that keep the viewers deeply engrossed. The main character of this sweet movie is a newspaper reporter who tries his best to prevent his ex-wife and one-time pupil from getting married to a dull, lifeless insurance broker.

  1. Moonstruck

This movie shows the life of a young widow, living with her parents in Brooklyn Heights. She realizes that life without a partner is hard and so decides to remarry, however, things get complex when she falls in love with her fiancé’s brother played by Nic Cage.  She knows that what she is doing is wrong and tries to resist, however the undeniable chemistry between the two keeps pulling them closer to each other.

  1. The Apartment

This fine, lighthearted rom-com is an Academy Award winner. The 1960s movie narrates the story of a young adult who discovers a unique way to move further in his career. He loans his beautiful apartment to his superiors for their unacceptable extramarital affairs.  He starts earning well; however, things take a sharp turn when he falls in love with one of his boss’s girlfriends.

  1. Always Be My Maybe

This sweet, funny movie is about a celebrity chef who comes back to her home city intending to open her restaurant. While she is preparing for the launch, she runs into her childhood sweetheart Marcus Kim whose life has been a mess lately. They both feel that the old sparks are still present, however; they are both completely different people living in their own different worlds.

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

This film highlights the sad reality of old distance relationships. The film revolves around a recent widower and a newspaper editor who are in a deep relationship with each other but unfortunately live miles apart. This film is super relatable for all those people who live far away from their loved ones. So if you miss your loved ones and feel like you are alone in this battle, watch this movie once and you’ll feel much better.

Wrapping Up

Romantic comedy movies possess the ability to make one laugh hysterically and wish for a perfect soul mate all at the same time. They show sweet, lighthearted, cute moments that make you smile and blush simultaneously. We have done a little research and have enlisted the best rom-com movies of all times, in this article.

Plan a movie night, invite all your friends, order a nice meal, and binge-watch all of these incredible films. We promise you’ll have fun.