What Is An NFT? Can You Make Art From It And Will ETH, HUH and Safemoon Enter This Artistic Space?

Since 2009 cryptocurrency has been on the open market and the world has often rejoiced at this; it’s been on the tongues of the wealthiest people in the world and become increasingly accessible to everyone, whether they have a dime or a thousand dimes.

However, it hasn’t, for the most part, been associated with the art world and the idea might just be enough to cause our heads to grow three sizes bigger.

It seems that the likes of Ethereum, HUH Token and Safemoon could be considering entering the world of NFT Art.

As NFT art is, from the get-go, a unique piece of artwork, it’s no wonder that the value and interest of such works have skyrocketed in the past years… in fact, certain types of NFT art are worth well into the millions-of-millions category and with it, sparked a new way at looking at valuable content in digital spaces.

It appears that an NFT can be associated with almost anything and everything, an image, an article, a cryptocurrency and with it signing that ‘auteur signature’ onto the original copy for life… in fact, digitally speaking for thousands of lives to come.

Offering a unique opportunity in the art world, where paintings are perceived as investment pieces though, eventually, such works will succumb to the ailments of time… a digital asset will not.

So, how to spot NFT pieces of art and their immortal potential and will our favourite altcoins, HUH Token, Ethereum and Safemoon, be making moves into digitally significant NFT Art?

Let’s take a look…

Why NFT Art Creators Love The New Digital Medium

Creators of NFT art love the medium because it allows, unlike traditional art forms, for their pieces to be sold all around the world without the messy interactions with art dealers, collectors and the art industry as a whole.

Meaning that a creator can create with the anonymity of Banksy, whilst from the comfort of their bed if that’s where their creative juices flow.

Pretty nifty, and, at the same time, it allows the creator/artist to stipulate their working environment, cost and whether the piece will be one-of-one or a collection.

No need for nay-sayers where NFT’s are concerned… for all intents and purposes, NFT art is a creative’s dreamscape… imagine what Salvador Dali could have imagined with NFT art? The possibilities are as endless as imagination itself and the far-reaching possibilities of NFT art could bring new members into the colourful world of art.

Especially, as the evident value of art can be seen instantly with NFT’s, as opposed to the sometimes ‘stuffy’ persona art is associated with where a buyer has to like classical oil paintings of barons or kings.

NFT Art can be created from anywhere, with ease, and sold with simplicity, as long as the creator has a crypto wallet.

At present, NFT’s are purchased and sold in Ethereum, but this could drastically change as more individuals see the ever-increasing desire for digital art… which has been proven countlessly by the film, TV and photography industries.

However, it appears that the NFT Art will always be dependent upon the currency it’s valued in, so as the crypto dips and rises, so does the value of the artwork… which is unlike other, traditional forms of art.


“Everyday’s – The First 5000 Days”


 How To Buy NFT Art

 Currently, you can purchase NFT art from all NFT exchange platforms, like Decentraland, Super Rare and Axie Infinity, though as NFT popularity grows it could see the likes of HUH Token and Safemoon adopting ways to access such a lucrative and creative prospect for their currency holders.

In fact, some NFT art can even be purchased from London’s Sotheby’s, an internationally respected dealer of art.

In fact, as HUH Token grows, after its launch last month, it seems that with the impending release of its Methuh the currency of image is growing. Even as the cryptocurrency ventures into this space, it seems that with their upcoming (January 19th) influencer launch the value of the token could increase simply from hundreds of images being shared around social media…

The above mentioned is another way to harness digital imagery to increase the value of a cryptocurrency.

If you purchase NFT art the signature of the creator is minted into a cryptocurrency so that ownership can be granted to the possessor of the piece(s).

Though, the question looms, will this art form stick around, or are we set to hear its swan song in coming years, as something equally as exciting, creative and lucrative comes to take its place in the ever-growing world of cryptocurrency and its potential.

“Some Asshole”


 Will NFT Art Make It To The Future?

 It’s hard to see a world, from the eye of the storm, where NFT art is one of the main digital art mediums in the future… but, as of writing this article, there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee this.

However, it seems that more altcoins like HUH Token create spaces, value and influence like Methuh… on the basis of digital image and the interactions surrounding this, it could be paving the way for NFT art to solidify itself as one of the most profitable art ventures in years… but the proof is yet to show itself and only time will tell.

It could be, that as crypto and blockchain technology become widely used, so too will the desire for digital art.

However, for now, it seems that the influence of image could be left in the capable hands of HUH Token, Safemoon and Ethereum.

If you’d like further information on HUH Token’s influencer launch you can do so by visiting the links below, and you can find Safemoon and Ethereum on their home web pages. HUH also has an NFT drop for its presale holders on the 31st of Jan.


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