What is EtherDelta: Is EtherDelta Still Operating?

What is EtherDelta: Is EtherDelta Still Operating?

EtherDelta is a third-party DEX that helps you to securely connect your ledger device with it and safely trade along with the crypto token, apart from having a hardware wallet you can simply have the facility to display your current balance and saving value.

It can be referred to as the market for ERC-20 tokens which is not based on a single location or any group of servers, instead of using a network of servers and routers, it makes use of smart contracts that are the most reliable form of addressing an online transaction for any type of Crypto trading. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit Q-Profit-System.com .

What is EtherDelta?

EtherDelta is an ERC-20 token Decentralized platform that is used as an exchange by its customers to facilitate trading through Ethereum Based Blockchain.

Also, it is an automated process that itself executes the online trading between the users over a distributed ledger to eliminate the risk of ethical hacking or any kind of malicious attack that can happen during the transaction period.

Now how it manages to get protected from such attacks is that it doesn’t depend on any kind of server or location, instead, it makes use of a smart contract that derives the possibility of connecting over a single specific location but a continuous updating system.

Who is the creator of EtherDelta?

EtherDelta is a decentralized platform that was launched by Zachary Coburn on 12 July 2016, which is a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, that aims to provide a secured online trading platform.

This website facilitates the way to get token pairs for trading and also one can get access to its order book, it also displays your account information and provides a way to have an input trading interest for any chosen pair of tokens by its users.

Apart from displaying the current balance and account information, it also shows the news about top 500 firms’ bids and their exclusive offers by flashing with their symbols, price and size of the transaction.

How to Trade on EtherDelta?

In the recent news, it was found that the majority of the cryptocurrencies which had crossed their initial coin offering would be first displayed on the Ether Delta than on the other crypto exchanges.

Therefore, it gives you an early opportunity to invest in a particular coin rather than on the crypto mass market.

Now, how to trade with EtherDelta? Here are some basic steps that can be followed to have smooth trading over the EtherDelta:

Step 1: Create an EtherDelta Account

You can simply visit the “Select account” section and you can create your account with two pairs of private and public keys.

Step 2: Transfer your Ethereum to Your EtherDelta Public Address

The wallet which you can use for storing your credits is MyEtherWallet which comes with a free transaction charge and can send the exact amount you want to send.

Step 3: Choose the Token type

You can also select the token and can buy and sell the token by choosing the favorable one.

Step 4: Transfer your Ethereum Funds from EtherDelta wallet to EtherDelta smart contract

EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange that gives you three options to trade with Token, wallet and Etherdelta, to buy the token click the deposit section and enter the amount of ETH.


EtherDelta is one of the prominent exchange websites that lets you create, deposit and transact through its platform with some simple protocol and you can also connect your ledger device with the website to buy a token of your own choice.