Solana, Terra and Shiba Inu – Here’s why HUH Token Could be Among 2022’s Top Cryptocurrencies

2021 was an incredible year for cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies continued to go mainstream as interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built and ownership spread beyond just Bitcoin. Solana and Terra were among the top cryptocurrencies of 2021, and it seems like blockchain-based tokens are here to stay. HUH Token is one such currency, and it could be set to join the top cryptocurrencies in 2022. Here’s why:

  • HUH Token lets you earn passive income

Being on the blockchain not only increases trust, security, transparency and the traceability of data shared across a business network, but it also allows those who invest to benefit from passive income. Every time someone trades a HUH Token, all those who hold a HUH Token will get a percentage of that trade.

HUH Token also has a unique referral system that allows investors to earn extra income passively. If you refer someone, you get 10% BNB from their first purchase. The referee benefits too as their sales tax is reduced from 20% to 10%.

  • High liquidity for a new cryptocurrency

HUH Token has a total of 3 million dollars in liquidity. High liquidity means that HUH Token is less likely to experience spikes or crashes, making it one of the more stable cryptocurrencies.

  • Trustworthy

Despite its novelty, this is a cryptocurrency that you can trust. HUH Token is locked for 2 years, eliminating the risk for scams. On top of that, HUH Token has been audited by Solidity Finance, Shellboxes and Certik. These audits are available publicly, and with such transparency, HUH Token could be well on its way to the top in 2022.

  • Sustainable

For the environmentally conscious investor, HUH Token might be at the top of their list to invest in. The creators of HUH Token are part of the Eden Restoration Project, pledging to plant a tree for each of its first million wallet-holders.


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