Adding Links to Instagram Stories Made Easy

With Instagram stories becoming more and more popular by the day, many brands are now using features such as the swipe up link as a part of their overall Instagram marketing strategy.

Your stories become more tactical when you add a link to the swipe up feature of your Instagram Story that will then lead to more conversions and clicks.

But, the swipe up feature has since been removed by Instagram and replaced with the new link sticker.

About Link Stickers

Thanks to Instagram’s update of adding link stories, there is no longer a need to bother with the swipe up motion or tapping at the bottom of the screen. Instead, creators now have the chance of adding links anywhere in the space of their Instagram Stories.

In order to use the link stickers, you will need access to the feature. Once you have the link stickers, you can find these available with your other typical sticker options that will let you add links to your Stories.

Just like the earlier feature of swipe up link, there are several limitations as to who are allowed links to their Stories.

The criteria currently haven’t changed yet from swipe up. For you to have access to the link stickers, the requirement is for your account to be an Instagram Business Profile and to have more than 10,000 followers. It also needs to be a verified account.

Aside from these criteria, Instagram is also testing letting other users take advantage of these stickers. It is not totally clear how accounts are chosen for this test or whether a complete rollout of the link stickers for all Instagram users will take place.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

If ever you already have access to link stickers, you can start by creating a Story and tapping the sticker icon to get access to the tray of the sticker options. You will then see the link option as one of those stickers available for you to use.

When you tap it, a window will pop up that will let you add the link to the Story. You can then proceed to adding the link to your website, landing page, blog post, or a curated content that you want to share with your audience.

You can then finish the Story with other designs and details you like and publish it the usual way to add a link to your Story.

Different Ways to Effectively Use Links in Your Instagram Stories

There are several things you can do to make the most out of this new Instagram feature to improve engagement for your account.

  • Promote content and blog posts
  • Promote landing pages
  • Promote lead magnets
  • Promote products
  • Promote videos
  • Promote virtual events

How to Attract More Traffic with Instagram Story Links

Finally, to take advantage of your Instagram story links don’t forget to include strong calls to action and post Stories as often as possible.