Could Buying a Royal Title Upgrade Your Life?

Buying a royal title so you can officially call yourself a Lord or Lady is a unique gift that you can give to yourself. Or you can buy one of many available royal titles for a family member or friend to give as a gift that will never be forgotten. But could a royal title really ‘upgrade your life’?

When you buy a title and become a Lord or Lady, or a Duke or Dutchess, you’re not going to be instantly enjoying the kind of life lived by the true royals, but you could have a lot of fun finding out just how much having a royal title can influence how you are treated.

Upgrading Your Life with a Royal Title 

Getting yourself one of many available royal titles is relatively simple and straightforward, but how much could it enhance your life?

The next time you book a hotel room for a break or to attend a business meeting, you may find the hotel staff being a little bit nicer to you than before. You may even find some complimentary wine or chocolates in your room – or be offered a free room upgrade for no reason whatsoever!

If you have always wanted to eat at a top restaurant but can never get a table, the next time you try to book, you may find that a table has become miraculously free at the time you want to eat. 

You may start to experience better service and be given extra free perks and wonder if it is just blind luck or if your change of name to include a royal title is the reason why your life has become a little better. 

A Fun Gift That Can Come with Perks

Buying a royal title as a gift for someone can make a fun present. We all have someone we know that is impossible to buy gifts for. They may already have everything they need, so the only alternative is to buy them something fun and unusual that could actually bring them lots of little perks for weeks and months afterwards.

We all know that many hospitality businesses such as hotels and restaurants lavish their VIP guests and customers with little extra luxuries, such as free upgrades, complimentary after-dinner drinks, and free gifts left in their room.

We are not guaranteeing that just because you purchase a royal title, you will suddenly start to receive a lot of free perks, but every now and then, you may get a pleasant surprise that can really make your day. It can make you feel like your life has had a little upgrade, no matter how small!

Buying European Royal Titles

You can buy royal titles to use that are legal titles issued in other countries, mostly in Europe. When you buy a royal title, you will receive a legal document and information about how you can use your new royal title, including changing your passport, bank cards and driving license to reflect your new title.

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