djkit Now Shipping the All-New DDJ-REV1 Controller for Serato DJ Lite

Britain’s Biggest DJ Hardware Retailer Launches Pioneer DJ’s New Battle-Style Controller at a Guaranteed UK-Low Price 

The UK’s leading DJ hardware retailer has announced the long-awaited debut of a new series of high-end controllers from Pioneer DJ. Fronting the new DDJ-REV product range is the awesome DDJ-REV1 – a pioneering 2-channel controller with a brand-new battle-style layout. 

Custom-designed to make playing like a pro DJ easier than ever, the DDJ-REV1 emulates a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup at a significantly lower price. Available from March 2022, the DDJ-REV1 is built to last and engineered for life on the road, and will be available for purchase from djkit for a UK-low price of just £259.

“The DDJ-REV1 is a welcome addition to the range with a different layout for new DJs to practice on and offers brilliant value,” said the djkit team, after scoring access to the first UK shipments of the new device. 

“We love that the mic can be used when streaming as well as the 4 deck mode in Serato DJ Lite.”

The All-New DDJ-REV Series: Join the REVolution

“The DDJ-REV series is a fresh range of DJ controllers with layouts that emulate a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, including specialized features for open-format and scratch DJs. For the first time ever on a Pioneer DJ controller, the tempo sliders have been moved to the top of the deck sections and turned horizontally to emulate PLX turntables arranged in a battle configuration. The Performance Pads have been placed in the mixer section along with Lever FX paddles, exactly where they’re found on DJM-S series mixers, enabling you to energetically change the sound during performances.” – Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-REV1 sports a radically redesigned layout and interface, designed to emulate 2 x PLX turntables and a DJM-S series mixer – the original pro battle DJ setup. The layout is spacious and intuitive to maximise creative freedom, providing plenty of scope for experimenting with new mixing techniques.
The significantly bigger jog wheels on the DDJ-REV1 make for a fantastically comfortable scratching experience – ideal for anyone looking to get into battle mixing and scratching at an affordable price. All with simplified streaming to put on epic real-time from any place at any time.

Key Features of the DDJ-REV1:

•       Brand-new layout design: 
•       Battle-style setup
•       Bigger jog wheels
•       Tracking Scratch
•       Mixed microphone audio
•       Serato DJ Lite integration
•       Deck 3/4 control
•       Support for Serato DJ Pro

Built for Battle

“Right away, you can have fun and easily scratch your music with the help of Tracking Scratch. This handy feature returns the track to the cue point automatically when you move the jog wheel backward or take your hand away, so you don’t need to use the crossfader or worry about winding the jog back to the start point of your scratch. Simply choose the Scratch Crossfader Cuts pattern you want to use by pressing the relevant Performance Pad and push the jog forward to scratch. You can also use the Performance Pads on the controller to instantly trigger your favorite samples or tracks that you’ve loaded to the Scratch Bank in Serato DJ Lite – previously only available in Serato DJ Pro – and, with Deck 3/4 Control, you can play sounds from all 4 decks in the software.”Pioneer DJ

Streaming sets to friends and social media followers is a breeze with the DDJ-REV1, as the audio goes straight to your laptop and into the stream. No need for an additional external mixer or soundcard, and you can add your own vocals and speech by plugging a microphone into the device. 
djkit is now taking orders for the all-new Pioneer DDJ-REV1 is at DJ for a UK-low price of just £259, free shipping available to any mainland UK address. The REV-1 will be available in March 2022, place your order now to get ahead of the crowd.
Head over to the official DDJ-REV1 page at djkit via the following link to place your order while initial stocks last, or contact djkit directly for more information.

About djkit:

djkit is the UK’s leading DJ retailer, offering an unrivalled range of over 25,000 products and packages for professional musicians and amateurs alike. The team prides itself at being right at the forefront of the industry, stocking only the most cutting-edge technology, offering the highest-level of service and hosting regular events in conjunction with industry elite. Check out the firm’s website at for more details.

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