UK Artist Mary Grant announces NFTs projects for 2022

Established landscape artist Mary Grant is now offering customers who purchase one of her LittlePaintings365 the option of an NFT/digital version of the painting.


NFT Workx, a specialist NFT services company based in Chester, which represents professional artists, photographers, sports clubs and athletes from around the world, today announces the launch of a number of NFT projects on behalf of UK artist, Mary Grant.
Mary Grant studied Fine Art at Kingston University 1991–1994 and in 1992 she was shortlisted for the Natwest 90s Prize for Art and received the Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship to New York in 1993. 

Mary’s landscape paintings are concerned with the painterly nature of a snapshot taken while walking or driving. Each work is a visual reminder of how nature conspires and seduces, inspired by living in a wood.

On 1 January 2021, Mary decided to start a new and personal project called #littlepaintings365, where she would paint a little painting every single day for the rest of the year.

“At the very end of 2020, after a difficult period, both personally and with everything that was going on with COVID-19, I decided that from 1 January (2021), I would start to paint a little painting every day, set them at a nominal price for my work and make them small enough for these exquisite landscapes to drop through people’s letterboxes in lockdown and so my LittlePaintings365 project was born” said Mary.

Since then, every single little painting has been sold, some to well-known celebrities, and it has been an amazing project for Mary personally, with lots of support from all those who purchased the paintings and via her followers on social media.

Mary added: “Over the last six months or so, I kept hearing about this new craze called ‘NFTs’? I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was all about at first, but after having a number of conversations with the guys at NFT Workx, I began to get a better understanding and I’ve since decided to get involved.”

Due to the success of Mary’s LittlePaintings365 project in 2021 she has decided to continue the project into 2022, but this year she will also be offering a digital version of the painting or ‘NFT’ to her customers. 

Mary said: “Some of my customers have already asked me why I have decided to start offering a digital version of my paintings. As I see it, digital art is becoming more popular and with the development of NFTs, which provide that certificate of ownership and authenticity, the value of the digital versions is becoming more apparent. What I hope to achieve from this is to not only reach a wider audience but to also help others learn about this new and exciting format for art.” 

Mary will also be offering a number of limited edition NFTs from some of her paintings from the 2021 collection, which will be offered via what is known as a free ‘AirDrop’.


“We are extremely excited to be representing Mary from an NFT perspective. Her LittlePaintings project really captured the team’s imagination and we couldn’t wait to get started. We are approaching the project in three distinct ways: the idea of the AirDrops is to engage a completely new audience within the NFT space and we also have another big announcement coming up in the next few weeks about how you will be able to view some of Mary’s art in the Metaverse. Offering an NFT for each of Mary’s Little Paintings to her current and new clients gives them the opportunity to own the digital version of the painting and at the same time we can help to educate them about NFTs. Then, in the third phase of the project we will be offering something really exciting via a more traditional route within the art world…” said Adam Leese, Co-Founder of NFT Workx Ltd.

About NFT Workx Ltd  

NFT Workx Ltd provide specialist NFT Services and represent professional Artists, Photographers, Authors, Sports Clubs and Athletes from around the world. Their services aim to help artists enter the world of NFTs and maximise the opportunities that these new marketplaces offer and at the same time, help to educate collectors and bridge the gap between traditional art and new digital technologies. 

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