How Kids Benefit From Using Playgrounds

How Kids Benefit From Using Playgrounds

The happiness displayed on a child’s face when they see playground equipment is like nothing else. The sheer joy they express through laughter is better than any other sound but what’s even more joyous, is the fact that playgrounds actually provide vital developmental opportunities for young children too.

Not only do they allow little ones to burn off much needed energy, thankfully for parents and teachers everywhere, but they also benefit children in a multitude of ways that you may have never thought possible.

The Four Different Areas Of Playground Benefits

The benefits of playgrounds can be broken down into four main benefits. These are emotional benefits, social benefits, mental benefits and physical benefits. Allow us to go into more detail…


Did you know unstructured free play can help with a child’s emotional development in different ways? That’s right. Not only does it help build a child’s self esteem and confidence, allowing them to try things they may never have before, but it also allows them to experience emotions they may not have done before, through role play and wild use of their imagination. It can also provide an outlet or release for emotions that may have built up through trauma such as the death of a pet or loved one. 


One of the main reasons children love playgrounds is because it allows them to meet and engage with children their own age. Through playing with other children on equipment designed for social interaction, they can learn how to better navigate complex social situations, learn how to listen and how to communicate better. Although under the watchful eye of an adult, children feel much more free within a playground setting and often try new things far more easily too, such as talking to new children and introducing themselves to new friendships and people. Children can gain a huge amount of independence from this.


Playground equipment not only promotes mental health benefits but creative benefits too; from enhanced critical thinking skills, such as overcoming obstacles to increased attention spans as they happily play and imagine scenarios for hours on end. Free play on playground equipment has also been seen to lower anxiety too.


Last but most certainly not least, there are the incredible physical benefits of playground markings and equipment. From reducing childhood obesity to strengthening immune systems through spending more time outside; the physical benefits of playing on playground equipment are quite simply incredible. Play can even help improve motor skills and balance, while also increasing strength and even helping young ones to sleep better. 

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