4 Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Kids

Spending time with your kids is such an important part of not just their lives, but yours too. Making memories with your family holds such value for everyone, so making the effort to do things together is vital. It may be hard to think of ways to entertain everyone in your family, so here we have a few tips for activities you can all do together. 

Get Involved with Your Kids’ Sports Clubs

Being involved with your kids’ after school clubs is such a great way to be more involved in their lives. If your kids play baseball, for example, see if you could be part of the teaching, but if not, then helping them practice for it will show them that you care and want to spend time with them. Perhaps even look into buying a bat for youth leagues, for example, so that you can make memories practicing with them. It is such a good feeling for you and your kids to share a hobby together, so get involved and make some wonderful memories.

Go to a Theme Park or Zoo

Going to some kind of public amusement/entertainment place with your child is another great way to create strong memories together. Perhaps even buy a season ticket so that you can make it a recurring thing for you to go back together, to make the memory even stronger. If you go back more frequently, you will find parts of places you didn’t realize were there too. Make somewhere your personal place for you and your family, so that when they are older, they associate it with all of the wonderful times you spent there together.

Show Them More About Your Life

Tell your kids more about when you were a kid yourself. It is fascinating to think that your parents, the people who you look up to the most, were once kids. If it is possible to, show them around where you grew up, where you used to play, places you used to visit, etc. They will be so interested to hear about what you were like when you were little. Show them old schoolbooks and old photo albums, or visit extended family members that they maybe haven’t had the chance to meet before. This is another great way to spend quality time with the kids, as you can let them listen to old tales of you when you were a child, and they can find similarities to their upbringing. Reminiscing will make your other family members feel included and loved too.

Cook or Bake With The Kids

Another great memory for kids is remembering all of the food they made with parents. Whether it would turn to a disaster, or they pass down the recipes you made to their kids, cooking together is such a wonderful bonding opportunity. The plus side to this activity is that you could be killing two birds with one stone; perhaps make dinner with them or make a dessert with them. Turning normal everyday chores into bonding time with your kids is such a great way to make each day with them count. Even if whatever you have made doesn’t look all that appetizing at the end of baking it, it is all about the memories.

Don’t miss out on any stage of your kids growing up; soak up all of the time you have with them to make sure you all make the most amazing memories together. Do you have any favorite family activities you have made a tradition? Let us know.