Why Are Public Parks & Playgrounds Important For Children

There’s no sound more joyful than that of children playing in a playground. The screams and cries of fun and excitement, coupled with the obvious happiness on their faces is something to be treasured by all, not just the parents of the children playing. Playgrounds aren’t just a source for fun however, they’re also vital when it comes to the development of young ones, from their physical and emotional development as well as their health and wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Parks & Playgrounds

From increased self esteem to improved coordination, there are numerous benefits for children when they spend time in parks and playgrounds. Here are just a few of the benefits that highlight just how important public parks and playgrounds are within communities.
Emotional Benefits – play can help build a child’s self esteem by providing them challenges to overcome such as climbing, scaling new heights and even pushing them out of their comfort zone through sharing their space. Children can learn to develop patience too, as they wait for other children to use equipment, which teaches them how to deal with frustration and boredom.
Social Benefits – playgrounds give children a chance to see and engage with other children away from the home and classroom. They learn to navigate complex situations, such as engaging with others on equipment that may require sharing, moving aside and even collaborating. Children learn not only how to play with others but listen and ultimately gain independence.
Physical Benefits – from developing their strength to their fine and gross motor skills, early years playground equipment is a great way to encourage activity. They can help fight childhood obesity by encouraging children to take part in exercise through play, which usually means they aren’t even aware that they’re exercising. Playgrounds are also great for helping children boost their immune systems, as they come into contact with other children more frequently, using shared equipment.

The Importance Of Time Away From The Screen

While we are indeed growing up in a technology led environment, it’s worth noting the benefits of simply taking children away from the screen. The amount of time children spend outside has decreased hugely over the years and seems to be decreasing rapidly still. Couple this with a huge increase in the amount of screen time children get and it’s evident that we need to be encouraging time away from the screen and more time physically interacting with other children, in nature.

Consider Raising Your Own Funding

Local government funding has ceased for many however, that doesn’t mean that a playground is out of your grasp. By forming a local playground committee, you could find yourself raising your own funds via local businesses and local events. It’s also worth contacting knowledgeable companies too, such as Sovereign Play, who’ll be able to best advise you on ways to raise funds for your playground, whether that’s through charitable donations, grant applications or even advice on organising local fairs and competitions.

Contact Sovereign Play

If you’d like more information on playground equipment for your local community, or perhaps help designing the perfect public park in your area, we recommend contacting the experts at Sovereign Play Equipment. As manufacturers of hardwearing, durable playground equipment, they not only know playgrounds but they know the benefits of getting it right. With design and installation services too, you can rely on Sovereign Play to provide you with the best service possible, allowing you to create a public park and playground that will be of benefit to your local area’s children for many years to come. Call them today on 01702 804200.

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