Best-selling book teaches children about friendship, compassion, safety and counselling

An author from Sussex has seen her first children’s book become a best seller on Amazon in five categories. The book is currently rated as number one in the best selling fiction books about safety for children, and a best seller in books for house and home for children, along with best seller ratings in three other categories.

‘A Mole Like No Other’ is a new children’s story book, focusing on the adventures of a cuddly toy Mole, who is bought by his new owner at an Easter Fair. This charming new book is set in a cosy English country house with a traditional garden. But behind all this tranquillity, challenges and even dangers, await the characters. The story is told beautifully and with great humour and explores many life lessons and values such as being brave, safety, helping others and responsibilities. The book also gently introduces the concepts of counselling with children.

‘I am convinced it will become a children’s classic.’

Cass Grafton, Author

The fictional book has reached an audience as far afield as America and Australia, with many fans following ‘Moley’ on his Facebook page.

Author Julia, from Little Horsted, Sussex, is a trained medical doctor and therapist. She touches on her career in the book so as to demystify the concepts of counselling, “Mrs Richards….was a counsellor…patients came to her for help and advice every day.” explains our narrator. It is hoped that this aspect will open up conversations with young children about the concept of counselling, as well as therapy sessions. At a time when children’s mental health and wellbeing are so profound, this is timely conversation to have.

Author Julia is inviting schools and libraries to take part in Zoom read-a-long sessions, where Julia will read parts of the book and introduce children to cuddly Moley – complete with his high-vis jacket on. He always likes to be safe, you see.

‘A Mole Like No Other’ is available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon for a physical copy priced £4.99.

‘Wonderful, sensitive and charming. And – very funny! I found myself reading it aloud.’

Geoffrey Hall, Actor

“There is much to this book… especially about ‘human behaviour’ and why we react and respond as we do, and I feel this could be such a wonderful resource in schools, particularly in these times when there is much focus on mental and psychological wellbeing.”

Carolyn, Speech and Language Therapist.

‘A Mole Like No Other’ by Julia B. Grantham is a delightful book about a toy mole, who is looking for love, friendship and his place in the world.

Notes for Journalists:

Julia B. Grantham lives in the South of England with her husband, son, two cats, Moley, Owlie and all the other toys that make their appearance in this book; with ducks and pigeons in the garden, chickens across the road, as well as rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and deer, who visit often and hope also to make it into a book one day soon.

Julia is a medical doctor and a training consultant, but books are her passion. She is a Harry Potter fanatic, an Ambassador for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, a writer and illustrator of Jane Austen-inspired travel fiction, and now – an author of her first book for children.

A Mole Like No Other is currently free with Kindle for a limited time only or can be purchased for the limited offer of £4.99 in paperback, from Amazon.

Julia is available for Zoom classroom readings to school pupils, and bring along her toy Moley too.

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