Do You Speak English? How Email Design Platform Helps Businesses Run Email Campaigns in 10+ Language

Expansion of business and increase in the coverage of services inevitably leads to the need to enter International markets. New regions are new potential customers that businesses need to keep in touch with. And here entrepreneurs face not very good statistics since 55% of customers prefer to make a buying decision only if the product description is in their native language

This turns into a headache for marketers when it comes to email because email is one of the pillars of the sales process for every business. The development of a promotion strategy for a foreign market now must include the cost of the services of native speakers who will translate the email template. And the more countries the business wants to cover, the more translators it needs to hire. All these factors result in high spendings on email campaigns. 

However, not all businesses and users have the means to pay for the services of translators. Good news: There is a solution to this language problem, and it won’t require enterprises to inject massive amounts of money into localizing their email newsletters. And the name of this solution is Stripo. It is an advanced email design platform whose main goal is to enhance and facilitate the email creation process for both marketing professionals and enterprises of various sizes and industries.

The platform offers a new perspective on foreign email marketing strategies with a convenient and simple Email Translate service where users can translate emails into 13 languages at once. Digital marketers have a choice between translating by using Google Translate integration directly in the editor or uploading a pre-made XLS and JSON file directly into the email creation tool. The first method is extremely convenient due to its simplicity because Google Translate is one of the most popular ways to translate text. This is conveniently combined with the platform automation capabilities. With just one click, the user can translate the text of the email into a variety of languages. The second method will come in handy for those who already have translators involved in generating texts for emails in various languages.

The platform does not forget about freelance marketers or businesses that do not have their own translators. If the user is not confident in his or her knowledge of a foreign language and doubts if the email is grammatically correct, the platform has the ability to proofread a copy in the email by a professional translator thanks to a convenient and secure system of invites and roles. In a couple of clicks, the user can share access to the project and assign him or her the Proofreader role. This means that this person will only have access to the content of the email and will only be able to edit the content and nothing else.

This email design platform aims to provide the most functional and easy-to-use tool for both beginners and advanced users who need maximum flexibility and customization. And with the new translation feature, it’s easier than ever to reach new audiences and expand your business reach.  More than 600 thousand clients of the platform can already try it out and see for themselves how powerful it is. Among this huge number are such famous brands as McDonald’s, Netflix, Bolt, Uber, and others.