Looking For A Skilled Worker Visa? Here’s What You Need

If you are planning to move to the UK to work, you will likely need what is known as a skilled worker visa.

That means that you’ll have to go through the UK visa application process which can be daunting and complex, but with the right knowledge and guidance, it doesn’t have to be such a huge task.

Generally speaking, all you have to do, is make sure that you meet all of the relevant requirements, and be able to prove that you do so. It’s often proving it that’s the difficult part.

This guide will run you through the basics when it comes to getting your visa application ready and the boxes that you’ll need to tick off beforehand.

Meeting Requirements

As mentioned before, you need to not only meet requirements but also prove that you can do so on paper. That’s why it’s key to make sure that you have all of the required documents available before you even begin your application.

Applications have been rejected for fully qualified candidates just because of insufficient proof or poorly submitted documents.

Make sure that this isn’t you and you have ample proof that covers the following bases (this is just a start, contact a professional for full and customised lists of required documents)

A Job From A Sponsor Employer

First and foremost, to come to the UK to work, you will need a job in the UK.  that means an offer which you have firmly accepted from an approved employer.

You need proof of this, whether that’s the job offer in writing or something else that proves that you have a job waiting for you in the UK.

What Is A Sponsor Employer?

A sponsor employer is an employer who has a sponsor licence, this is given out by the home office and allows employers to recruit from abroad. Make sure that you are applying for jobs that can offer sponsorship.

English Language

You will also need to speak english to a proficient level, although there can be certain exemptions that will allow for you to not meet requirements, such as working in highly desired areas.

Generally, english taught qualifications will suffice, but if you cannot prove your ability to speak and write in english, you may need to take the knowledge of the english language test before moving to the UK.

Again, this is something that can be handled ahead of time.

Financial Independence

You will need to be able to prove that you can live in the UK without government assistance. This is a hurdle that trips many applicants.

Again, this is not due to not meeting requirements, instead, it is an issue of not being able to prove it. When you decide to move to the UK, start gathering bank statements and payslips to prove your financial independence.

Many assume that their new salary alone will suffice but it will not, you need to prove that you meet baseline requirements before starting work in the UK.

How Would I Go About Applying?

To apply for a skilled worker visa, you’ll need to get all of your documentation properly put together into a clear application. This means getting all the relevant proof and having it presented clearly, in order to make the Home Office decision easy.

Applications for the most part are done online, with some in-person aspects like biometric information (photos & fingerprints) and any tests that you may need to carry out.

Generally, you would apply 3-months before you plan to make the move to the UK, so make sure you and your employer are on the same page in regard to timeframes.

Do I Need Help?

While it isn’t a requirement, it’s definitely worth looking into getting legal help to submit a perfect application.

Lawyers, who have submitted thousands of applications know exactly what the home office is looking for, so getting their assistance would be invaluable.

Visa appeals take time and can be costly, so they are best avoided by putting your best foot forward straight away.

Firms like QC Immigration have extensive experience in immigration law and can put together applications that eloquently show that you tick all of the boxes for your application.

To Sum Up

This is just a look into work visa application, there is so much more to look into, such as bringing family along. But we hope this has cleared up the basic’s and has encouraged you to take that first step towards working and living in the UK.

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