Five speculating bonuses and how to get yours

The online gambling sector is more popular today than it has ever been in the past. Millions of wagers are placed on the top sporting events, including the Super Bowl, Grand Slam tennis, golf Majors and English Premier League soccer. A recent relaxation of the laws regarding online betting in the US and Canada has led to the number of bets placed daily skyrocketing. What’s more, this trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with new bettors looking for the most generous bookies offering the best sportsbook bonuses.

This sudden increase in demand in an already competitive industry has caused chaos. The leading names from the era of high street and land-based casino betting are forced to compete with start-up betting apps. All bookmakers want their slice of what is a lucrative pie, and it’s all becoming a bit crowded. It’s a difficult time to run a successful sports betting company but a fantastic time to be a bettor as you are spoiled for choice. You are in complete control of the bookie you join and can afford to sit back and let the top names fight for your custom.

What makes a good bookie a great bookie, and how do the marketing teams at these apps convince you to join them while ignoring the competition? There are a few different strategies involved, but relying solely on name and reputation won’t cut it any longer. Modern bettors lack loyalty, and that’s perfectly understandable given the circumstances. You want the best treatment every time you place a bet, or you can simply jump ship to a rival firm that would be more than happy to bend to your demands.

What type of bonuses are available today, and how do you get your share? We have researched the industry, comparing the promos and offers before picking our five favourite deals. Below you’ll find the different types of betting bonuses that are available to new customers who open an account with a betting app.

Free bet

Most free bets are offered to new customers, but there are some that can be claimed by existing players. A popular type of free bet is the deposit matched welcome bonus. This deal gives you a free bet that is equal in value to your first deposit and wager after registering an account. For example, if you open an online betting account, deposit $100 and place a bet on a qualifying sportsbook market, like the Super Bowl winner, you will receive a $100 free bet. This can’t be withdrawn as cash but can be used to bet on your favourite sports and teams.

Risk-free bet

This is a similar promo to the one above but is promoted as a risk-free bet rather than a free bet. With this promo, you will sign up for an account, deposit $10 or more then place a bet on sports. If your prediction proves to be correct, you land the winnings and keep the profits, but if your bet is a loser, the stake will be refunded to your account, allowing you to have another go. This is a unique, no-lose situation.

Enhanced odds

Around the major sporting events of the year, such as the Super Bowl, a bookie may boost the odds of the favourite. This could be a slight enhancement or, for new customers, a huge boost but with a maximum stake. Let’s say one team is favourite, the odds will be ramped up to dwarf the competition, and you can place up to $10 on that bet.

Profit boosts

This deal is more suited to parlay bettors. Place a winning bet, and the marketing team will work with the traders to boost your profits. The more selections you have in your parlay, the higher the boost will be. This deal is often available to both new and existing customers and rewards winning bettors.

Extra places each way

A promo that is ideal when betting on an event with a large number of runners, such as horse racing, motor racing or golf majors. You may be inclined to back a selection at big odds with the cover of each way. If most bookies are offering place terms of ¼ the odds 1-2-3-4, one sportsbook may ramp that up to five or six places, increasing your chances of making a profit.