Extreme gas fee reduction thanks to ERC275A contract! IggyBoy closing whitelist in a few hours for the Sunday mint at 2pm EST

IggyBoy is the biggest NFT project about to make its mark in the NFT world and would-be owners are running out of time to gain an advantage. The collection is set to mint on Sunday, February 10th, with a presale period of two hours for whitelisted buyers to take advantage of. That said, the team behind the project have deemed it fit to release 500 more whitelist spots and there are new updates as well. Read on to get the latest.

Limited whitelist spots up for grabs

I’ve said it once but I need to say it again; there are only a few hundred whitelist spots available and the collection mints in four days. This is obviously enough time to secure yourself a place but procrastination has to take a break now. To sweeten the process, there are also extra rewards available in this last chance promo and participants could win a variety of prizes.

Is the IggyBoy project legit?

If you are still wondering whether this project is a scam, you are not a part of the discord community and you need to rectify that by joining ASAP. Sure, there have been high-profile NFT scams. Social media is also rife with claims that NFTs are scams and that they have no value. However, the creators of this collection are very transparent and are committed to carrying members along dispel any negative rumors.
Information available to the members of the IggyBoy discord community includes the utility of the NFT and the roadmap to the general Metaverse target. A quick look at the roadmap shows that this NFT collection is simply a step in a much larger journey, and the drivers of the journey are determined to prevent any misconceptions or misunderstandings from harming their plans. Their website also features information on the project as well.

Most important in maintaining transparency are the AMAs hosted by the creators of this exclusive NFT. Here, they provide answers to questions and issues posed by members of their community.

Updates on the gas fee issue

Many NFT speculators have lamented the gas fees they have to endure on ETH-based NFTs. IggyBoy developers have undertaken measures to prevent this from affecting buying sentiment. As such, they have implemented an ERC275A smart contract to facilitate gas savings. The gas fee for minting a single NFT is reduced as a result and the cost of minting multiple NFTs per transaction would essentially be similar to the cost of minting just one NFT. For instance, if the gas fee for minting an NFT is $20 in value, five NFTs on the current smart contract could be minted with around the same amount, provided the minting is done in a single transaction.

What promises have been made?

For continuous growth in value, an NFT requires marketing campaigns and the likes. The need for such actions isn’t lost on the team behind IggyBoy. To put members of their community at ease, the team has made certain promises to holders of the NFT. Such promises include:
  • A promise to cash back the mint price for more than 200 NFT to those who purchase.
  • A deal with twitter promoters/influencers to increase reach of successful sell out announcements
  • A promise to partner with media channels to aid the distribution of PR articles. Targeted channels include Bloomberg, Nasdaq, The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance etc. 
  • A promise to buy banner advertising in a popular location as a means of driving more interest towards future related projects
You may probably be thinking that such promises could easily be reneged on. That’s why the IggyBoy developers are not resting; they have begun to keep their promises even before the launch date.

IggyLady and Symbiosis NFT collections

As hinted when talking about the roadmap, there is a future vision that goes beyond the IggyBoy collection. This involves the upcoming IggyLady and Symbiosis NFT collections. Further info on this is available via the discord server as well.  
The clock is ticking for buyers to get whitelisted and this is the last call to action before the launch date. Take the opportunity now and secure an early spot for the mint on Sunday.
If you want to know more about the various ways this utility NFT is expected to grow may visit the official website: https://iggyboy.1ath.studio/ 
Get exciting news and updates by following them on social media:
Twitter  – https://twitter.com/1ATHStudio
Discord  – https://www.discord.gg/1athstudio
Medium – https://1athstudio.medium.com/

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