Make 2nds Count asks 1,000 secondary breast cancer patients, family and medical staff to join it’s SBC & Me campaign

  • We want to tell the stories of those affected by secondary breast cancer which takes on average 1,000 lives every month

Make 2nds Count has launched a new campaign, SBC & Me, to gather the voices of 1,000 people affected by secondary breast cancer be it patients, families, friends, nurses, doctors, researchers, campaigners and carers.  We want them to tell us their stories about how secondary breast cancer affects their lives to help raise awareness and to give hope.

It is estimated that there are 37,000 people in the UK living with secondary breast cancer and on average 12 people are diagnosed with the disease every day.  Secondary breast cancer can be treated but there is no cure and 1,000 lose their lives to the cancer every month.

The SBC&Me campaign has been launched now to gather the faces and voices of 1,000 people for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021.

Lisa Fleming, founder, Make 2nds Count said:  “Up to 10 percent of all breast cancer for women and men is secondary, but there is still very little awareness of what SBC is, even with patients who have a primary diagnosis.  During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we will share the stories of 1,000 people who have SBC and or else whose daily lives are impacted by the disease.  That’s how many we lose every month and this needs to change.”

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About the charity:

Make 2nds Count is a UK wide charity giving hope to patients with secondary breast cancer and help to families affected by this incurable cancer.  The charity was founded by Lisa Fleming upon her own diagnosis of secondary breast cancer and will have raised £1m by the end of 2021.

Make 2nds Count is dedicated to funding research, education and support for secondary breast cancer to help patients and families by informing, sharing, connecting and offering practical advice and services.

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