Walkfo – the AI travel guide app to explore the world with

Walkfo is a pioneering, universal travel guide app incorporating AI to create personalised audio experiences from billions of history & cultural travel facts spanning planet Earth.

Created by award-winning, 25-year tech entrepreneur veteran, E-creation’s Jan-Erik Paul and technology AI expert, Scott Underhill, Walkfo works when travelling by foot, bicycle, car or bus. When any blue plaque, ancient monument, historic area or significant building is close, the Walkfo AI will narrate the ‘story’ of that spot using advanced ‘deep-fake’ voice technology.

“A unique way for tourists & travellers to explore destinations safely and ‘mindfully’, transforming travel anywhere in the world into an interactive geo location driven audio experience. COVID-19 has changed the travel & tourism industry and Walkfo has stepped-in to offer a safer, more engaged travel experience. The Walkfo app is completely unique, using an AI algorithm to research history & facts of specific locations, creating an audio-experience or ‘walkcast’ that is driven by the location of the user. This is Pokemon Go on steroids for tourists & travellers interested in the places as they explore” says Jan-Erik Paul.

The Walkfo App has bespoke AI audio tourist-guide technology created by E-creation that enables Apple & Android mobile devices connected to headphones or AirPods to deliver the experience of audio guides / audio headset used by museums & art galleries but free roaming & unrestricted to a building or geographic area.

The Walkfo AI technology has been processing data across the UK since early 2021, creating millions of audio facts for tourists to explore whilst visiting the UK or during a holiday, staycation & local sightseeing. Users can filter content to their own taste with an in-app content rating AI for continually improving & evolving tourist & historic content.

For tourist destinations who want to take control of the user experience at their own sites, Walkfo Author functionality allows tourist destinations to create their own, bespoke ‘outdoor museums’ with unique content within minutes. These outdoor audio tours are made available to Walkfo users through a unique code or when a visitor walks around the site whilst running the app.

This enables tourist destinations to respond to the challenges of Covid restrictions & risks with the benefits of:

  • Leveraging Walkfo’s free pre-populated location content that covers 99% of UK’s major travel destinations
  • Allow destinations to control additional content & offer unique ‘stories’ for site visitors which might otherwise never be told
  • Encouraging visitors to utilise outdoor rather than indoor spaces
  • Eliminating destinations requirements to provide headset technology to visitors (reducing costs & improving safety of not requiring shared audio equipment)
  • Reduce close group gatherings normally required by guided tours

Created using Walkfo Author, the ‘100 Amazing Bournemouth Area Places’ is the first audio map & outdoor museum available in the Walkfo App (code: MXRB). With over 100 facts, Walkfo App users can hear the stories of Bournemouth smugglers, buried fossilised forests, firework near-disasters, the first ever department store Santa & Neolithic reindeer camps … with all audio facts played right at the spot where they happened, available completely free to visiting tourists & locals.

E-creation is exceptionally excited to introduce this unique, ground-breaking technology to run across the world but created locally in Dorset. Walkfo changes the way travellers experience the world, to explore without travel books, avoiding crowds around tour guides, visiting destinations more ‘mindfully’ & in the moment, without looking at a screen through Walkfo audio travel ‘walkcasts’.

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