Netacea Promotes Joe Murray to SVP of Partnerships

Murray to oversee the company’s rapidly evolving strategic partner programme for its enterprise bot protection platform with a focus on expanding its network of MSSP and technology partnerships 
MANCHESTER, UK April 18th 2023 — Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialist, today announced Joe Murray, former Director of Sales and Marketing, has been promoted to SVP of Partnerships.  Murray joined Netacea in 2019, building the company’s sales and marketing teams and delivering record growth in the process. He has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry with roles at managed services and SaaS companies including BT, MDNX Group and Essensys.
In his new position as SVP of Partnerships, Murray is responsible for customer acquisition, growth and retention. He will oversee Netacea’s programme as it evolves to address the need for advanced, agentless bot detection and management amidst growing global threats in MSSPs’ offerings and in major technology platforms, including those that power ecommerce.
“Netacea’s growth has exploded over the past few years so this is a very exciting time for me to steer the partner programme,” said Joe Murray, SVP of Partnerships, Netacea. “With the acceleration and scale of bot attacks globally, businesses realise how detrimental they can be to their success. Our partners need an AI-driven, agentless approach to effectively thwart bot attacks before they cause reputational harm and impact the customer experience. I’m excited to see what’s next for Netacea and looking forward to expanding the reach of our partner programme.”
Netacea’s services are easy to integrate thanks to its agentless, server-side approach, that provides partners with same-day launch and upgrades. Adding Netacea’s bot mitigation services, along with a new offering to explicitly integrate intelligence on bot attacks to their product suite, allows MSSPs and technology partners to protect their businesses from all manner of bot attacks, including:

  • Grinch bots that target ecommerce sites, buying up limited edition goods for resale on third-party sites.
  • Credential stuffing attacks that use leaked passwords to take over accounts, especially streaming media accounts.
  • Sniper bots that make last-second bids on auction sites.
  • Scraper bots that republish content elsewhere, stealing clicks and damaging SEO.
  • Netacea’s bot management offering is also available as a white label solution that can be fully integrated into customer’s security infrastructure, portals and dashboards.
For more information about Netacea’s partner programme and how its technology protects websites, mobile apps and APIs, please visit: