Rainbird Announces Partnership with Relanto to Combine Explainable AI and Human-Centric Business Transformation

Rainbird Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with Relanto, a global consulting and professional services firm specializing in AI-driven enterprise planning and decision-making solutions.
The partnership will bring together Rainbird’s human-centred symbolic AI platform with Relanto’s Mindful AI, which takes an empathic approach to business transformation. This partnership will offer clients an exceptional advantage in accomplishing their strategic goals.
“We are excited to join forces with Relanto, a firm renowned for its commitment to realizing strategic transformation goals through next-generation technology,” said James Duez, CEO of Rainbird Technologies. “By integrating Rainbird’s explainable AI capabilities with Relanto’s Mindful AI design framework, we will empower our clients to harness the full potential of AI in their decision-making processes, while ensuring a people-centric, transparent approach to change.”
“Our partnership with Rainbird Technologies represents a significant milestone in our mission to build a people-centric, AI-led business world for tomorrow,” Rajan Gaur, CEO of Relanto, commented. “By leveraging Rainbird’s unique explainable AI capabilities, we enable our clients to accelerate growth, innovation, and resilience while remaining rooted in empathy for the people who run their organisations and the people they serve.”
The Rainbird and Relanto partnership combines different approaches to AI and empathic business transformation strategies to create more robust, versatile, and human-centric solutions. Relanto’s expertise in real-time planning and cloud-based technologies complements Rainbird’s innovative symbolic AI platform, addressing the challenges many enterprises face when implementing AI in their strategic transformation initiatives.
James Duez adds, “This partnership will offer a comprehensive, trustworthy, and inclusive AI strategy, ensuring seamless integration of people into existing and future data ecosystems.”
The Rainbird and Relanto collaboration is set to drive the future of AI in various industries, delivering unparalleled value to clients who require transparent, explainable, and empathic decision-making systems. By bringing together Rainbird’s explainable AI and Relanto’s Mindful AI design framework, the partnership is committed to providing human-centric solutions that enable businesses to thrive.
About Rainbird 
Rainbird’s innovative symbolic AI platform revolutionises decision intelligence for businesses across various industries, especially in regulated markets. By leveraging its knowledge representation and reasoning engine, Rainbird enables organisations to digitise human expertise and deliver automated, intelligent decision-making at scale. Rainbird seamlessly integrates with other automation technologies, machine learning and large language models like GPT-4. By combining the power of human symbolic reasoning with automation tools and LLMs technology, Rainbird delivers explainable and trustworthy AI-driven solutions.
For more information, visit www.rainbird.ai.
About Relanto
Relanto is a global consulting and professional services firm enabling customers with AI-driven enterprise planning & decision-making solutions, and digital innovation. Relanto collaborates with customers across industries to realize their strategic transformation goals through real-time planning, augmented intelligence, next-generation architecture, advanced analytics, hyper-automation, and cloud-based technologies.
For more information, visit www.relanto.ai.