What is Quantum AI?

Quantum Ai is the technology used for computation of machine learning algorithms. It is the result of quantum computing because quantum Ai is a software which helps to achieve impossible results with classical computers. Quantum computers and Artificial intelligence both are transformational technology used to work in significant process like in the process of online trading. Quantum computing boost the artificial intelligence which ends in enabling the system to tackle problems and scans the market values of financial world.

How does Quantum Ai work?

Recently google has announced an open-source library for quantum machine learning which is named as TensorFlow quantum. The aim and the main reason behind TFQ are to provide necessary tools to control and analyze natural as well as artificial systems. Bitcoins and other trading software use this technology of machine technology in their software and works in a way that it generates information for the user to trade accurately

Quantum Computers and the Bitcoin Blockchain

Quantum computers is breaking the mathematical difficulty underlying most of the currently used cryptos including Bitcoins. Quantum computer has become a well-known application in this field. Google has also announced the supremacy of quantum computers in most cryptographic software’s and specially in Bitcoins because the articles on google mostly predict the demise used.  The main goal of the articles is to illustrate the risks that quantum computers pose to Bitcoins.

Use of Quantum Computers in Bitcoin Transactions

To understand the concept, we will start with the process of Bitcoin transaction. As we know, Bitcoin is a decentralized system for transferring values. Unlike banks, Bitcoin user is responsible to generate his address and private keys which are required to perform the task of transactions. Transferring or moving bitcoins from one address to another is called Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin user must provide his address where funds are stored during transaction as a digital signature to make things for sure. All this happens with the presence of Quantum AI computers operating in the back. But remember one thing in mind, any person who have your private keys address and also have access to operational quantum computer cam falsely use your account or can spend your Bitcoins by its own.

How many Bitcoins could be stolen if sufficiently large quantum computers were available?

The question arises that if someone establishes large number of quantum computers and is able to derive private keys of users. Then how dangerous it will be for Bitcoin? To answer this, we can say that not all Bitcoins are at danger. There is a category of Bitcoins which can be stolen.  User containing bitcoins having address p2pk and reused p2pkh addresses are at risk of attack by quantum computers. Quantum computers shows the distribution of various Bitcoins with different addresses at times.

But on the other hand, you can save you Bitcoins by generating them through miners with original addresses. The benefit of generating Bitcoin from original address is that it can never be removed from their place with the command of actual user. Coins have address as p2pk are mostly stayed constant throughout the years.

Is the Bitcoin blockchain resilient to quantum attacks now and in the future?

Let’s think for an instance that all users have transferred their Bitcoins to a safe address and now they feel secure. But here a question that after transferring it to safe address, whether it can still be attacked by quantum computers. The answer is that after transferring bitcoins to safe address you hide your public keys. But when the time of transaction comes, you need to show the public keys and it will make your address vulnerable until your transaction will be mined. There is an opportunity for attackers who will get a window to attack and steal your coins. The attackers first derive your private key with the help of your public key and then transfer your coins through transaction to their own address.


Quantum Ai is a universal based mechanics of computers for learning algorithms. Those algorithms are furthered used in trading software’s to make people able to earn currencies such as Bitcoins. So, if you want to learn about basic quantum computing technique, join the QUANTUMAI APP and let yourself be aware of computing technology used in trading platforms.