Difference between General Contractor and a Restoration Company

Damage is a common issue faced by any property. Your building can suffer from damages like fire, water, mould, or any other natural disaster. Such damages create a total mess in your life, and you should know Who you should call to resolve your problem.

Practically there are two types of contractors who you can call, namely General Contractor and Restoration Company.

Now the major issue faced by people is who they should call as both works in the same field and have a similar type of job. But there is a narrow line which many of us are unaware of, which confuses us. This blog helps you in understanding these differences!

1) What is the difference between the work of a restoration company or a general contractor?

General Contractors: 

A general contractor is a renovation expert that focuses on overseeing construction projects for your house or company. Residential contractors may be thought of as managing home improvement contractors who care about minor jobs like installing new windows, siding, and landscaping.

They supply all the labour, materials, tools, and equipment required to finish a construction job. Longer projects that integrate design and architectural principles to offer a homeowner with a more pleasant living environment. They can even hire several specialized subcontractors in a specific field, such as the mason, carpenter, plumber, or a painter.

Restoration Company: 

Natural disasters like fire or water cause significant damage to any property. Restoration companies are generally the right place to call in case of such damage. Restoration companies are specialized in fire and water restoration, mold removal and remediation, and other forms of restoration for buildings are the standard services provided by them.

Restoration companies work closely with the insurance company and thus help you in filing an insurance claim after your property has been damaged. They analyze the damage, agree on the scope of work after the assessment, estimate the cost, and negotiate with the insurance company before starting work. The only payment you need to be concerned about is the deductible.

2) What is the difference in the payment method of a restoration company or a general contractor?

General Contractors: 

General contractors commonly request a fixed price. Most contractors get paid a percentage of the project’s total cost (typically 10-20 per cent). They help you get necessary supplies, help obtain work permits, and hire subcontractors for the job. They pay them according to the amount of work done on an equitable basis.

It’s an expense that your insurance won’t typically pay. Before dealing with a contractor, acquire an estimate and check in often to ensure they’re remaining within your agreed-upon price.

Restoration Company: 

A restoration company work closely with your insurance company and helps you in getting better claims. Such companies identify all the damages after a damage assessment and tell you a complete list of repairs and explain the coverage of damage under your insurance policy. They also communicate with the company so that you get the maximum coverage as far as possible.

They are always in touch with the insurance company throughout the process, from beginning to end, reducing your burden significantly.

Such incidents are very exhausting, whether it is fire damage, mold damage, flood damage. Each one of them creates new challenges, and over the top, communicating with insurance companies increases the pressure further. The restoration company play a key role in reducing this pressure and help in the smooth rehabilitation of your property.

3) When should you call a restoration company or a general contractor?

General Contractors: 

A general contractor should be contacted if you wish to alter the arrangement of your living or working space, such as changing the design of the windows, adding new windows, redefining the creation of the room, adding a new storey.

Such contractors have specialization and expertise in redefining places. They have the necessary permits and licenses in the field. Being experts, they are more technologically advanced, which allows them to use the most up-to-date tools and equipment to do jobs more quickly.

Restoration Company: 

A restoration company is the one that restores your house. The more quickly you call them, the lesser the damage will be, and they will clean the place and come up with a plan to get your life back to normal. The following are typical services provided by restoration companies: fire and water restoration, mold removal and remediation, professional carpet cleaning services, etc.