Why should I hire a professional dryer cleaner?

Dryer cleaning might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to spring or annual cleaning projects. However, cleaning your dryer vents is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Should you hire a dryer cleaner team to the job or clean your dryer vents on your own?

In the following article we will discuss the importance of hiring a professional dryer cleaner to properly clean your dryer vents. In addition, we will answer some of the other questions you may have regarding dryer cleaning.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Dryer Cleaner?

While it is possible for you to clean your own dryer vents, it is better to go with a professional dryer vent cleaning company. Not only do they have the necessary training, they have high-grade state-of-the-art equipment needed to thoroughly and safely clean your dryer vent system.

Not only will they clean the dryer ducts, they will also inspect them to make sure that everything is working as it should. Any blockages or damage with your vents could lead to costly repairs and even housefires. It is imperative that you have your vents cleaned professionally at least once a year.

To help prevent dryer fires, you should clean your lint trap every time you use your clothes dryer. As well, you should call a professional if you notice any strange smells coming from  your dryer, such as a burning smell or a moldy smell. Keeping your dryer vents clean is the best way to ensure that your dryer works properly.

What does a professional dryer cleaner do?

A professional dryer duct cleaning team will first disconnect the dryer from the wall and move it, so they can safely reach the dryer vents. Next they will use their professional vacuum vent cleaning equipment to dislodge and remove any dirt, dust, dryer lint and other debris that is stuck in your dryer vents. As well, they will clean the outside area of the vent work as well. This is located outside your home where the hot air from the dryer escapes the ductwork. Additionally, they will inspect the vents to ensure that there is no damage. They will then reattach your dryer to the wall and test it to ensure that it is working as it should. 

How do I know if my dryer vents need to be cleaned?

It is much easier than you think to know when it’s time to hire a dryer cleaner. Here is a list of telltale signs that it’s high time to have your dryer ducts cleaned.

  1. Your clothes smell musty when you take them out of the dryer
  2. Your clothes are still wet or damp after a full dryer cycle
  3. Your clothes are extremely hot when you remove them from the dryer
  4. Your dryer itself is hot to the touch when in use
  5. There is a buildup of dryer lint inside the dryer compartment.
  6. The lint trap is dirtier than usual
  7. Your laundry room feels hotter and more humid than usual.
  8. It’s been over a year since you last had your dryer vents cleaned.

Call your local dryer cleaner company for a quote for professional dryer vent cleaning today. This will help extend the life of your dryer and protect your home from dryer fires.