5 points to consider before choosing a boiler repair company

Boilers do a lot of work if you are living in a very cold area. All the wear and tear decreases the efficiency of your boiler and increases your energy bills. By the time you’ve had a boiler for 10 years, it can lose up to 30% of its efficiency. Therefore, it’s always important to ensure your boilers are running smoothly before the winter arrives. If you fear that your boiler will stop working completely very soon and don’t have enough expenses to get yourself a new boiler, then you need to start looking for a good boiler repair company.

Here are 5 things you need to consider before choosing the right one for your house.

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Choose the right repair person

It is a common misconception among people that a plumber is the best person to fix a boiler. A plumber and a heating engineer aren’t the same things. This mixup causes plumbers to lose a lot of time and money by going to these repairs. Plumbers specialize in installing and fixing pipes, drainage systems, bathroom appliances, etc. They mainly deal with water issues within a home. In contrast, heating engineers are on the Gas Safe Register and specialise in gas pipes. They can make repairs to your house and install gas appliances. They also ensure everything is safe before and after installation. 

Now with this out of the way, let us move on to choosing the best boiler repair company for your house.

Professional experience

If a company has been around for quite a long time, they would have the experience to deal with your damaged or old boiler. Reputable boiler repair companies that have been working for a long time wouldn’t be functioning if they weren’t providing quality services. These companies will also have a good customer base and will be well known in your area. Consider looking at online reviews from TrustPilot and, if you have time, talking to their customers. This will provide reassurance that they can fix your boiler properly without stressing you out. That’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Boiler manufacturer preference

If your current boiler is made by a reputable manufacturer, you will most likely be able to find some boiler installation and repair companies that are preferred by your boiler manufacturer. These companies are those who have the most experience with your boiler type. They would be more aware of all the common problems that you may be facing and how to fix them all professionally. 

They might also be working closely with the company and providing them valuable feedback on their products regularly. This feedback will allow businesses to improve their products so you don’t face similar problems with your new boiler. By going with such boiler repair companies, you will surely save time and money.

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After-service support

Sometimes it happens that a boiler experiences issues even after repairs. Luckily, this is where the after-service support comes into play. A good boiler repair company will always have customer service that you can count on if you continue to experience problems with your boiler. They will be willing to drop by your place to fix problems that come after their service. 

How can you know whether a boiler repair company offers after-service support? You can simply call them or visit their website. It’s something you must do before hiring any company to fix your old boiler.

Plan of action and insurance

Even if you are not an engineer or have zero knowledge of fixing a boiler, when you hire a company, you need to ask their engineer about their plan of action for your boiler and how long it will take to complete the job. A good boiler repair expert will be able to explain to you everything about your boiler’s issues and how they will be solving them.

The second concern is the insurance. Anything can happen anytime and a reputable company will have liability insurance to cover up any issues caused by their engineers. This will ensure that all unforeseen damages caused during repairs are covered by the company and not by your hard-earned money.

Final thoughts

Once you have selected the right boiler repair company and have looked at their certifications, you must ask for a signed report from your boiler repair engineer. This report will highlight the issue and the method used to fix it. It will also include the new equipment installed and the spare parts used. This document will help you a lot with your future repairs.