Essential Tools for Car Locksmiths

There are all kinds of car locksmith tools and devices you can use, but to be successful, you need a few basic tools in addition to your physical tools. Various picks and a manual lock pick gun are just a few used daily. A locksmith in Riverview knows how to work on car locks. At Tampa Locksmith, we are ready for your car locksmith needs at all times. Car locksmiths need to have the right tools to get the job done. Here are some of the most important ones.

Key Extractor

A key extractor is a tool that can be used to remove a broken key from the lock. It is a small, narrow, flat piece of metal with a hook at one end and a hole at the other. The hook goes into the broken key, and the hole fits over the top of the key way. Once in place, turning it will help to pull out the broken piece of metal.

Locksmiths use this tool when they have lost their keys to a lock or have had them stolen. If you lock yourself out of your car and need access again, this may be what you need to pick open your door for you.

Manual Lock Pick Gun

A manual lock pick gun is a tool that allows you to pick locks without using any electricity or battery power. A locksmith in Palm Harbor will use a lock pick gun by inserting the tension wrench into the bottom of the lock and using it as an anchor point while turning the plug spinner inside the lock mechanism with the other hand until you feel resistance—this means the pins inside the lock have been reached. Once there is resistance, insert the pick into each pinhole one by one until all pins are raised out of their chambers. If the lock does not open after picking all its pins, try turning each pin slightly with the pick before trying again—this may help loosen it.

Plug Spinner

A plug spinner is used to open locks with an exposed key way. It can open pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks, and disc tumbler locks. A plug spinner comprises two parts: a driver and a plug. The driver is the top part of the tool, and it has a handle attached to it. The handle allows you to apply pressure on the plug while turning it with your other hand. The driver has two ends; one has grooves cut into it while the other has ridges cut into it (or vice versa). These grooves and ridges help create friction between the driver and the lock’s key pins, which helps prevent them from moving too far under pressure from tension springs.

Rake Pick

A rake pick is used for opening pin tumbler locks that use five instead of six or seven pins, as most modern vehicles do today. The rake pick has two prongs on one end and three on the other, making it easy for people with little experience with lock picking to use this tool effectively when opening pin tumbler locks outside their home or office building.

Slim Shim

This tool opens door locks by inserting the shim between the door frame and door latch. The Slim Shim is handy when you need to unlock car doors without damaging them. It is easy to use and can save you time if you have a lot of cars to unlock daily.

Torsion Wrench

This wrench is used to remove auto ignitions without damaging them. It can be used on most vehicles since it has different size sockets that fit different kinds of ignitions. Once installed, it allows you to remove an ignition without breaking it or causing any damage to its internal components like wires or plugs. This saves you time and money because if something goes wrong during removal, all you have to do is replace the part instead of having it fixed professionally at an auto shop, where they would charge extra for such repairs.

Tampa Locksmith

The best locksmith tool set is one you can use effectively to complete your jobs, one that will provide you with the needed tools for any emergency. The quality of the design, materials, construction, and locksmith training all play a part in making a good, solid, comprehensive, and complete tool set.