Solutions for feeling Relaxed and Energized at Home and at Work

Bedsure offers solutions to stressful work environments in the UK, Europe and US through stress-free comfort and sleep products.


COVID-19 and other global challenges have had an impact on people’s health and wellness at work.


“One of the most important parts of recovery from work is sleep. However, sleep is affected by how well we detach,” said Sheffield University’s [Ciara] Kelly. “It’s important,” she explained, “to have downtime when we can be mentally distanced from work, which would explain why people are willing to sacrifice sleep for post-work leisure.”


In addition to stress at home and at work, working long hours – whether voluntarily or not, also negatively effects health and wellness.


A global study between 2000 and 2016 found that “overwork is the single largest risk factor for occupational disease, accounting for roughly one-third of the burden of disease related to work.” 


Sleep deprivation can not only leave people “feeling irritable and exhausted in the short-term”, it can also have “serious long-term health consequences as well, such as causing the “[worsening of] problems with sleep” and can further “turn into a source of stress.”


In this situation, lack of sleep can cause further stress, which can then make it harder to sleep well – creating a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits and poor health.


Bedsure has highlighted 4 home products to support people to feel more relaxed, relieved and well rested at home and at work.


Keeping warm on cold spring evenings and nights can relieve stress.


A warming blanket during dinner or on the couch while having a chat makes for a relaxing experience.


Bedsure’s Check Pattern Warming Blank has the softness of a much-loved blanket yet a boost of warmth for those unusually cool spring evenings, nights and mornings. 


Able to reach a warm temperature of 45°, the heating blanket is perfect for young children – warm enough to provide some extra warmth, yet not so hot as to be dangerous.


Made with 6 temperature settings, the blanket is well suited for spring or summer in a cool climate. 


Fluffy Sherpa fleece on one side provides cozy comfort, while a check pattern flannel fleece offers texture and variety.


Unlike some heated blankets, Bedsure’s warming blanket is easily machine washable. Simply remove the plug and controller and pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.




With the understanding that unwinding after work is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle, Bedsure has developed a blanket that is great for after-work activities – or even to get even more comfortable and cozy at work. 


The blanket is light and versatile enough to be used at home doing different kinds of activities, including for gaming, reading, movie nights or just relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea.


Bedsure’s popular Fleece Throw features soft and cozy polyester microfiber and a short pile. 


Tight stitching at the borders helps to ensure the blanket will last wash-after-wash.


Available in four sizes and over 15 sizes, customers can easily match the blanket with existing interior décor and with their mood for the day.


Hanging out at home with a pet is something that many pet owners like to do after work to relax. Making a pet feel relaxed and at home not only benefits their health, yet also pet owner’s health.


According to psychologist Corinne Sweet:


“The psychological and emotional benefits of pet ownership are well-known among mental health professionals. Having a close bond with a domestic animal can boost ‘feel good’ biochemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin. This can make owners feel relaxed, calm and happier at home. “


Having pets like dogs and cats makes pet owners feel better. 


To make pets feel more relaxed, happy and well, Bedsure has a designed a range of pet beds.


An Amazon Choice product, Bedsure’s Donut Dog Bed has several desirable features. 


Made from plush polyester, the dog bed has a round shape that perfectly matches with the body shape of dogs and cats when they rest and sleep.


The shape allows for small and medium sized pets to get comfortable and feel relaxed in a soft, moat-like space. It is available in a small 50 x 50 cm and a larger 50 x 60 cm size. 


A non-slip bottom surface will keep the bed from moving when pets get in or out of it.


The bed can be easily be washed in a washing machine, ensuring pet bed cleaning is as stress-free as spending time with a pet.




Many people like to read or watch movies in bed or on a favorite couch to relax after work. Pillows with a comfortable pillowcase can provide comfort and relaxation.


Made from soft and smooth 100% microfiber, Bedsure’s Microfiber Pillowcase can make resting at home even more relaxing.


Available in a 2-piece or 4-piece set for couples or families, the pillowcases feature an envelope closure design. This makes the pillowcase easy to remove for machine washing or insert over a pillow.


Polyester microfiber is stain-resistant, so it’s less likely to cause stress when trying to remove stains.


The Bedsure Microfiber Pillowcases are available in 11 jewel tone and neutral tones.


For more information about home products that can make life easier and more relaxing, click here


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