Watkins Ward Group: Spousal Distancing – How affairs survived lockdown

Watkins Ward Group: Spousal Distancing – How affairs survived lockdown

Post lock-down affairs expected, survey says

A SUMMER affairs ‘explosion’ is on the cards as a third of cheaters admit breaking lockdown for passion in the last year.

There has been a surge in new affairs over the last month as the vaccines roll-out signals that the crisis is finally coming to an end.

One in seven cheaters (14%) say they have been looking to arrange new hook-ups since the start of the New Year.

And 74% of people cheating on their partners said they will start sleeping with people again once all the over-40s have been vaccinated.

Missing physical intimacy is the top reason for breaking lockdown rules – chosen by 52% of those who have slept with someone they shouldn’t since the crisis.

The second most popular reason was “I was having a cyber affair and decided to meet for real” (36%) , followed by “We met for a walk and had sex anyway” (32%), “It was exciting meeting someone new” (28%) and “Booze made me forget about the rules (27%).

Private Detective Angela of Watkins Ward Group Private Investigations, who investigates nefarious relationship activity, said: “We have all been locked in mental and physical ‘prison’ for too long.”

There will inevitably be an explosion of affairs by Summer.

“So many people are desperate to get back to life as it was before, and that includes cheaters. Lots of men and women are looking to hook up outside of current relationships, many of which have been tested to the limits due to lockdown.”

The survey found that 86% of people having affairs said they felt ‘more relaxed’ about breaking lock-down now the vaccine roll-out was happening.

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