The Best Irish Whiskey Brands

It’s no secret that choosing an Irish Whiskey Brand is one of the most important decisions you could make. After all, your whiskey would ALWAYS be with you in the worst and best moments to come.

This does not change the fact that there is stiff competition between the brands. Irish Whiskey is for people of class, and unless it meets the standard, you will not give it a second sip.

This guide points out the best Irish Whiskey Brands currently known to humanity with details of what makes every drop exceptional.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey

The Bushmills brand boasts of a well-developed legacy that dates back about 400 years without compromising its original standards. This brand currently has eight variations of its world-class Irish Whiskey, all 100 percent malted barley triple distilled in copper pot stills and aged appropriately to make even teetotalers long for a sip. 

A popular favorite is the Bushmills 21 year single malt; its exquisite malt taste comes from the signature Old Bushmills distilling process, and 21-year aging that leaves brings out its dark color and a soft, refined flavor. The other variations in the Bushmills range like the Red Bush, The Rare Cask, The Bushmills Original, and the Black Bush are equally exceptional Spirits that deliver a rich malty taste you can’t resist.

Spot Whiskey

The Spot Whiskeys is another age-worn Irish Whiskey Brand that has sustained its reputation for about 200 years. The Spot Whiskeys are renowned for their silky yet spicy flavor resulting from a unique mix of malted and unmalted barley triple distilled and aged for a variation of maturity period to give them their distinctive colors and flavors.

Mixologists remarkably love the Green Spot. This may be attributed to the spicy feel of honey, caramel, and tangerine that it leaves on the palate, making it ideal for combination with other brands. Like its counterpart Yellow, Red, and Blue Spot, the Green Spot has an adequately smooth fruit and oak texture to go with its malty taste. 

Redbreast Whiskey

The Redbreast brand is notable for its ability to make a Whiskey lover out of anyone. The variations of this brand were matured in a combination of sherry and bourbon cask for a range of 9 to 27 years to give each variation its distinctive flavor.

The latest addition to the Redbreast brand, the Redbreast 27-Year-Old, was aged in ruby port cask after the traditional bourbon and sherry casks to give it a more exotic feel. The other Redbreasts ranges are easily the most distinguished Irish Whiskeys out there, but the Redbreast Lustau Edition took the market in 2016 with its refined fruity taste is the hallmark of Irish Whiskeys.

Hard Choice?

I am a Jameson man, and I would not hesitate to place it first if I was using my preference. However, these brands were chosen based on popular opinion and consumer satisfaction; you can trust that you are in great company with whichever brand you choose.

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