The Tea Circle — A Revolutionary Tea-Blending Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

A game changer is about to enter the world of tea. The Tea Circle has unveiled its plans to launch a website that allows you to create a personalised tea from hundreds of possible ingredients.

They have developed a tea-blending tool that allows you to mix multiple ingredients into a unique ‘Tea Circle’, a beautiful and dynamic visual representation of your tea creation. As you blend your tea online you’ll be able to discover, in real time, its flavour profile and its holistic benefits.

With all the scientific and holistic benefits of loose-leaf teas and herbal blends, our tea creator tells you quickly and easily which ingredients are right for you”, explains Richard Salmon, founder of the startup.

Once you’ve chosen the tea that best suits you (or the person you are making it for), you get to name your blend and write a personal message. Your unique ‘Tea Circle’ and its name will be printed directly onto an exquisitely designed gift box and within a bespoke booklet telling you about your creation.

tea circle first image

We wanted tea lovers to discover blends in a new way, allowing them to choose from millions of unique ingredient combinations, to finally create their own personalised tea in a hugely fun and interactive way”, said founder Richard Salmon.

In a crowded market, you need a hook that gets people excited. There are only a handful of companies that offer a ‘blend your own tea’ service, however, The Tea Circle goes the extra mile by turning their product into an incredible, personal gift. The Tea Circle’s visual representation, for instance, required the effort of painstakingly photographing over 3,000 images, in order to make every Tea Circle look organic and unique.

Watch your Tea Circle grow!

Richard runs a small creative agency, Fishfinger Media, and wanted his talented team to bring together his love of design and tea. “We really wanted to shake up the tea industry. I knew if I tried to go solo on this project it would have ended up being a sorry mess of potato prints and scribble. The team have really put their hearts into the project… when we started we were a 90% ‘coffee drinking’ agency and I’m proud to say that we’ve flipped it round to the tea drinkers’ favour!”

The Tea Circle are launching their Kickstarter only a couple of days prior to National Tea Day, the 19th April 2018 and, if successful, are planning to launch the brand later this Autumn.

The Tea Circle hopes to raise £50,000 utilising crowdsourcing to help bring The Tea Circle to the global market.

You can back The Tea Circle on their Kickstarter page now; starting at only £15 for the Early Bird adopters.

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