Golden Gorilla Media Release New Online Gambling Resource

Digital Media Publisher Debuts New Platform – Bingo Sites Guru


UK digital startup Golden Gorilla Media continues to deliver on its mission to create the most comprehensive online gambling guides on the web with the launch of the online bingo comparison website Bingo Sites Guru


The team at Bingo Sites Guru promise to cut through the jargon and help players make the right decision about where and how to play bingo online.


Frustrated about not being able to find high-quality information and tips for playing online bingo all in one place, Mark Good – a former online gambling CEO – has created a passionate team that has put together the best reviews and guides on the web.


Drawing on the expertise of gaming industry professionals and utilising the latest marketing technology, Golden Gorilla Media’s new platform gives players the power to make an informed and intelligent decision about which bingo sites to visit. 


With Bingo Sites Guru, players can take advantage of reviews and gaming guides to discover where to claim free bingo tickets, no deposit bingo bonuses and the best deposit match bonus welcome offers. 


The website also offers crucial insight into how online bingo sites work, how to play bingo games, and what makes each bingo site different. 


Golden Gorilla Media’s ultimate mission is “to reach every online gambler” – with plans to expand into other areas of online gambling, such as sports and poker, both in the UK and internationally. 


“Our goal is to create a scalable business by developing a portfolio of assets and become a leading platform for digital media publishing,” Good explains. 


“There is a need in the market for someone to be the intermediary between online searches and the gambling sites, and we want to be it.” 


“We started with Casino Sites Online and are happy to follow that up with Bingo Sites Guru. We are very excited about the next phase of our business growth.”

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