BNI offers hard-hit Manchester businesses the chance for guaranteed new business opportunities

Joining BNI Manchester means immediately being connected to over 200 Manchester contacts and over 280 000 global business contacts

As Manchester businesses continue to grapple with strict lockdown measures that make generating new leads challenging, networking group BNI Manchester says its members continue to thrive. The BNI model is all based on a sophisticated referral system that increases exposure, generates serious connections and opens up business prospects to areas far outside the local region. 

“No other networking organisation can guarantee you get connected to over 200 people in Manchester and over 280 000 people globally in business immediately,” BNI Manchester Executive Director Andy Gorman says, “Following that, BNI gives you the training to use those connections to generate real sales and form new business relationships. It’s a system that has made BNI the world’s leading business referral organization with about 280,000 members worldwide. In the last six months, BNI members around the world have generated over £5 billion in revenue through referred business.”

As social distancing and lockdown regulations continue to disrupt business and personal connection, Gorman says that BNI Manchester members relish their weekly meetings and that hosting meetings online has seen attendance soar.

This is not just about business, but a community where you can share your struggles as well as your celebrations,” says Gorman, “With so many people working from home, BNI meetings have become a space for people to enjoy some regular human connection and camaraderie. Having regular contact with other local businesspeople also means understanding the local market better and being able to see the gaps as they arise.

And with the world poised on the precipice of another recession, Gorman is confident, “I refuse to be involved in another recession, and so do our members. BNI have been through three recessions in our 35 year history and we have the experience and expertise to see our members grow through it, as we have before. Our team of experts and the breadth of knowledge of our members will see to it that our members have all the support and tools they need to not only survive but to thrive through the months and years to come.”

Since its inception, BNI Manchester has helped local businesspeople enjoy record months, gain access to high profile projects and clients and make lifelong business and personal connections. 

Joining BNI Manchester could substantially increase your business through referrals, sharpen your presentation and business skills through exclusive training, increase your business exposure with over 50 networking meetings per year, and improve your networking, public speaking and business skills. 

At BNI, you also become a preferred expert in your field. This is because only one person from each professional specialty is allowed to join a chapter of BNI, eliminating the possibility of competition among our members. When you join a chapter, you are the sole representative of your field and can develop relationships with others in the chapter as their go-to person for your services.

To get started with BNI Manchester, you’ll need to visit one of its’ 9 business groups to talk about your business. As a visitor, you can attend two meetings and use this time to get know the groups personality and its members before making your decision. Meetings last around 90 minutes and run according to a structured agenda. 

Visit to find your nearest group and book a visit. 

For further information and PR enquiries, please contact:
Carolyn Gorman 
BNI Manchester South
Regional Administration
T 07946 304426

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