Tento Health launches digital health apps that are approved for medical record keeping


London, Nov 2020: Tento HealthTM, a global technology provider emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, is announcing that its Tento Wallet and Tento Authenticator apps have been listed under the medical record keeping and health categories on the Apple and Google app stores.  The apps are designed to help people to go about their lives as safely as they can by storing and sharing COVID-19 test results.

“Digital health technology solutions are becoming increasingly important as the world adjusts to living with COVID-19 and beyond.  It’s important that personal data is in the hands of its owner and Tento Health is committed to building solutions that provide this self-sovereign identity,” said Adam Palmer, CEO, Tento Health.

“We are one of the few solution providers that has a true digital healthcare platform with apps to support people and businesses through the journey of COVID-19 testing.  We have seen that people want to engage with our apps and do so in the knowledge that Tento Health has gone through all the rigorous validation and regulatory approvals to offer secure technology solutions for COVID-19 and the future of global health and wellness.  To date, we have customers in 16 countries and we are working with 7 governments”.

Tento Health has been further developed because the global pandemic situation has shown just how pivotal it is to have rapid and accurate testing available to all.  With that comes a need to be able to house a test result and then to be able to show it if and when required.  Tento Health enables this by digitising how results get to people and their subsequent verification.  All data shared is anonymised.

Tento Diagnostics works with medical establishments to carry out rapid testing and then securely shares the test results to a person’s Tento Wallet. The Tento Authenticator can then be used to confirm that a test result is as it should be and belongs to the person presenting it.

In addition to the health wallet and authenticator apps, Tento Health works with leading manufacturers of gold standard COVID-19 test kits, some of which are W.H.O approved, Emergency Use Listing (EUL) rapid antigen tests.  This gives businesses the option to provide tests on-premise in order to keep their operations running in real time. A test result can be quickly and securely shared to an employee or customer’s Tento Wallet directly from the test provider. That result, in turn, can be verified by an authorised individual, such as an employer.

Tento Health’s vision today is to digitise the diagnostics, health and wellness sectors by utilising cutting-edge elements of blockchain technology and a global test kit distribution network to immediately address the unprecedented times of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  In parallel, Tento Health has continued to develop a dynamic, future-proof technological platform with its partners, to reimagine digital health solutions that can be implemented across global industries such as hospitality and leisure, travel and tourism, retail and manufacturing.  Tento Health wants to be part of the solution to get people back to work safely, and help the economy thrive again

Tento HealthTM is a trading name owned by Circle Pass Enterprises Ltd

To learn more about Tento Health please visit www.tentohealth.com

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