Data reveals that 31% of people will go on fewer days out in 2023 amid cost-of-living crisis

HAMPSHIRE, UK 8th December 2022 – The results are in: Here’s what people in England plan to do on their holidays and days out in 2023
In order to collect the latest data on changing attitudes towards days out and holidays in the country, Day Out in England surveyed 980 people via their website (which receives on average 165,000 page views a month).
Whether it’s how people travel during the cost-of-living crisis to how many people plan days out in consideration of the environment, here are some surprising findings.
Most people (42%) say they currently go out once a month when asked how often they go on days out in England. As a result of the increased cost of living, 41% said they may have fewer days out in 2023 and 31% said they will definitely have fewer days out in 2023.
When it comes to those long-awaited holidays, 50% of people said they will be traveling abroad, whilst 39% of people said they’re planning to stay in England for their holidays, and 11% won’t be vacationing at all.
With the cost-of-living crisis eating away at disposable income, the average person expects to spend £20-30 per person per day out, including transportation, food, and attractions, so finding affordable activities could be key in 2023.
For birthdays and Christmas, 82% of people would rather have a day out than a big present.
The capital continues to attract people for days out, with 37% of people saying they plan to visit London in 2023. The Southwest is also a firm favourite, with 26% of people saying Cornwall was on their list for next year, and 25% saying Devon was their top choice.
The 3 most popular day out activities in England in 2023 are Alton Towers, the Lake District and the Tower of London.
Additionally, day trippers love a city, with 28% of people choosing this as their favourite type of day out, followed by beach days (23%) and animal sanctuaries or zoo trips (18%)
In 2023, staycationers are less likely to visit the Midlands with only 4.8% planning to visit Herefordshire. Northamptonshire (4.7% of people) and Rutland (2.9% of people) follow closely behind.
One interesting statistic that surfaced from the survey was that 67% of people don’t look for eco-friendly activities when planning days out.
By sharing the results of the Day Out In England survey far and wide we hope to encourage more people to explore the country.
CEO of, Victoria Philpott, says: “As the cost-of-living crisis bites and we consider the cost of holidaying abroad, many of us will be changing the way we travel in 2023. Days out in England haven’t been this popular since before budget airlines began, and I always love finding out which English counties are the most popular on our site, as it can be so different for everyone. Whether you want to see the cities, have an adventure in the countryside or find some photo-worthy towns and villages, England has it.”
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