Styling for Electric Cars arrives in the UK

When electric vehicles first came into the market they weren’t known for their looks. You could always tell which car on the road was an EV by the way the manufacturers had tried to make them look uber-modern.

Now with the likes of Tesla, Audi and VW creating some stunning looking Electric Cars there is a new problem. They all look a bit ‘samey’.

How many white Tesla Model 3’s or VW ID.3’s do you now see on your daily commute?

With limited options from the factory it has been difficult to create an individual style with an EV like it has been with the ICE (internal combustion engine) markets.

Sure, you could buy some alloys with the correct fitment and pop them on your Tesla / VW, but the last thing you want to do is compromise efficiency or not to have the correct load rating for your heavier electric car.

The USA and Canada have a few manufacturers who have been working on solutions on this, with brands such as Fast Wheels and T Sportline producing alloy wheels that not only look great, but also do not alter the efficiency of your EV. In fact some of the alloys such as the Fast Wheels EV01 can even improve range.

EV Styling has now launched in the UK with the aim of bringing together the best EV aftermarket products to style and improve performance of your EV here in the UK.

Stocking a wide range of alloy wheels, bodykits, spoilers, suspension and more their aim is to carry out the research for you and to only stock aftermarket EV products which will are of the best quality.

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