New Voice for the forgotten Social Care Sector

UK Health & Social Care provider forms new Social Care Workers Association to fight for equality in the industry. And their badges are free! the Private Sector Health & Social Care Workers Association has launched offering completely free membership to ALL Health & Social Care workers, with a free Certificate of recognition to all members for their selfless hard work, dedication, and commitment to looking after the sick and vulnerable in our society. The founder is also funding free badges for all members as a way to lift spirits and promote the new collective voice of the sector.

With over 5000 Facebook followers and nearly 2500 Members in less than 2 weeks, the Association is growing rapidly. This collective voice has brought together Managers, Owners Cleaners, Nurses, Carers, Cooks and others from the sector to share their stories. They help each other through this Pandemic and raise the profile of the sector to promote changes in how they are perceived.

When asked where the idea came from, founder of the Association Joseph Willis said the following:

“For many years now, I have witnessed the social Care sector falling deeper into the shadows. NHS workers are amazing, but so too are the 1.6M Social Care workers fighting the same battle, with fewer resources, lower pay, and major issues around access to PPE and testing. After personally experiencing Care Staff being refused access to protected shopping times, front of queue services whilst trying to shop for Vulnerable Clients, and watching their NHS counterparts gain those benefits, I had to do something. The badge or logo should not matter”!

We want to see equality in terms of wages, benefits, and public recognition for Workers in Care Homes, Nursing Services, Supported Living Providers, Community Care organisations and other service providers in the Private Sector.

Our aim is to share through our Facebook page the amazing and incredible work being done by our members, for our members to help each other, share best practice, learn from other members experiences and make a collective difference. One collective voice for change.

Care workers can register for free and receive their Certificates of recognition on our website. Organisations can do so also, making a pledge and commitment to supporting our Association workers and providing equal access and recognition. We currently have over 70 organisations that have made this pledge.

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