What Parts of Your Home Should You Focus on During the Remodel?

Most people renovate their home either bit by bit or room by room. This can be due to budgetary reasons or because you don’t want to move out of your house while the remodel is going on. In any case, it is important to decide which parts of your home you should focus on first. Here are some guidelines:

The Kitchen

This is the first part of your home that you should renovate. These days, kitchens have become multi-purpose spaces. Not only is this where you prep meals and get school lunches ready, it is also where the family groups together for homework or chats.

Thus, if your home is on the older side, this is the first space that needs to be renovated. Now, you don’t need to do anything major – minor remodels actually have greater values than big ones. However, consider all the ways that you can make the space more functional, comfortable, and easier to navigate. These are the changes that will pay off the most.

Doors and Windows

Not only do these features get the most amount of use, but the exteriors are also always exposed to the elements. This can mean that these frames can begin to look weathered, chipped, or even stop opening and closing as well as they are meant to.

Thus, you should put  replacement entry doors and windows at the very top of your list of changes to make. You will be surprised at just how much these changes can spruce up your home. Play your cards right and you may even be able to find energy efficient options that can lower your bills.

It is a good idea to look for smaller, local companies. For instance, if you live in Ottawa, contact an Ottawa window manufacturer for sample designs. You can get better designs and the installation process is excellent as well.


Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, sprucing up the bedrooms is a good idea. This is especially true if you have children. Look into how you can change the design or features to accommodate your growing kids. This could be as simple as creating study nooks, improving lighting, or having built-in wardrobes.

Don’t leave the master bedroom out of your plans, either. Consider how you use your room and then think of all the ways that you can improve the experience. Remember to work on elements such as lighting and flooring to make this space more comfortable.

Living Room

The living room is another high traffic area and can certainly benefit from a boost. Here, you can choose to do something simple or go big. For instance, you can do something as simple as installing shelves or painting the walls.

Or, you can choose to remove a large door or non-bearing wall to create an open floor plan and increase the overall surface area of the room. It is up to you.

These are the top parts of your home that you should focus on when remodeling. You will discover that these are the changes that will pay off the most as well.