6 Proven Tips to Beat False Sexual Assault Charges

Are you dealing with false sexual assault charges? Hiring a good attorney, watching what you say and do, and creating a timeline to prove that you are innocent are some of the few things to do. Read ahead to find out what the rest are.

1.     Take the Situation to Heart

Although you know the allegations are fake, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. If you are falsely convicted, you will spend many years in prison. Understand the gravity of the situation if you haven’t already. The allegations alone can ruin your life.

2.     Find a Good Lawyer

Sexual assault charges are no joke. As mentioned, even if you are not convicted, the allegations can ruin your life. You will need a good lawyer to defend you. Don’t skimp, as the best attorneys cost the most. You can create a special settlement plan if you don’t have a lot of cash.

Go through the lawyer’s reputation, and the number of cases that he has won. This will ensure that you are hiring an experienced and professional sexual assault attorney.

As sexual assault cases are so intense, you would benefit from hiring a lawyer that is great at communicating too. You won’t be left in the dark.

3.     Watch What You Do

As they say, you are your worst most enemy. Watch what you say and do until the case has been solved. You could angrily speak out against the allegations online – this could be used against you in court. Also, be mindful of who you speak to about details of the case. They might divulge them to someone in the other party.

Working with a good lawyer is once again important, as he will tell you everything to do and not to do.

4.     Scientific Testing

There may be scientific testing that can prove that you are innocent. Do your research to find out what tests are available to you – they can differ depending on the exact charge you are facing.

5.     Collect Evidence & Witnesses

Along with scientific testing, you will have to collect evidence. Ask yourself whether there were others at the scene of the supposed crime. They can act as witnesses to prove that you didn’t do what you’re being accused of.

Creating a timeline would be a good idea too. You will be able to show, in an easy-to-read manner, that you weren’t at the supposed location.

Even if you are not sure whether someone was a witness, you might benefit from including them. They might have seen something that you don’t know about.

Final Thoughts

There are many tips and tricks to consider when dealing with false sexual assault charges. One of the most important is finding a good attorney. The allegations are serious. Being convicted can land you several decades in prison. Make sure your lawyer has a great reputation and is also easy to work with. Do scientific testing, and create evidence to prove that you didn’t do what you were accused of too.

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