Disruption to IT services delivered from Ukraine and Russia could digitally cripple the West

22 February 2022

Escape abroad or stay and hope for the best – how Ukraine’s IT specialists plan to keep supporting the European corporations that rely on them if Russia extends invasion

Munich, Germany: K&C (Krusche & Company) today released interviews with Ukrainian IT specialists and the management of outsourcing companies. We asked how they and their international clients who rely on them to keep their digital infrastructure running are preparing for disaster scenarios if a Russian invasion extends beyond separatist regions. 
“I’m from Kharkiv, it’s next to Donetsk and Luhansk, so I’m going to move to Georgia this month. It’s short-term plan”, says Max Klimenko, Key Clients Manager at SPD Ukraine.

” Existing clients and partners ask us what we plan to do in case of full scale attack. Have we got any plans for relocation etc.? In some cases they offer their help. They don’t break contracts or short our teams, so everything is ok.”

We also present the economic data combined with sector insight that shows the extent to which Europe and North America’s digital economies rely on IT specialists from Ukraine, and Russia. And explore what the consequences could be if these critical IT services were disrupted for an undetermined period. 
  • Most large corporations and thousands of SMEs and start-ups in Germany and W Europe rely on Ukrainian IT specialists.
  • After the USA, the UK is the second-largest buyer of Ukrainian IT services exports 
  • Ukraine’s IT exports were worth $6.8 billion in 2021 – x2 gas transmission revenues.
  • Ukraine IT service exports forecast to reach $16.3 billion by 2025
  • German IT outsourcing market worth $19 billion – up to 20% of that relies on Ukrainian specialists
  • Russian IT services exports worth $6 billion
About K&C (Krusche & Company GmbH): K&C is a Munich-based IT outsourcing provider and software development company. With offices in Munich, Kyiv, Krakow, Minsk & Sofia, we have supported the digital transformation of some of Germany & Europe’s biggest brands and exciting start-ups and SMEs for over 20 years. 

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