Go Dharmic Recruits Mighty 300 Champions To Build Community of The Future- Adding 10 New Cities in 2022 for Sustainable Development #BeAChampion Campaign

International & UK registered charity Go Dharmic- www.godharmic.com, recruits 300 champions, across the globe from UK to USA to India, united to raise £1M in 36 hours, March 6th-7th, to further their 19 ‘UN sustainable development’ social & environmental campaigns. 


Building communities of the future is not a vision for Go Dharmic but an on-going reality through the people they help every day in real time. 


Eddie, in Northampton, UK, a beneficiary of Go Dharmic’s Feeding Campaign in the U.K., says: “Up until three years ago, I was serving other people on the streets. I never thought it would be me, but today, I had people (of Go Dharmic) serving me, and they gave it with love. Without these people, we’d be lost.”


“Respect to Go Dharmic, who are feeding people! These are the people we need so much over the Christmas period, and if these kind people are doing this over this period, bless them. I’ve got to say THANK YOU. You’re doing a great job!” (Anonymous beneficiary, UK Feeding Program)


Re-shaping children futures, the charity has ‘tech for good’ programs in alliance with digital learning provider, Klik2learn, in Scotland. Children, in rural areas of India, were greatly impacted by the aftermath of the Covid pandemic lockdowns and had fallen behind in their studies. 


Utilising mobile phones, Journey 2 Basic Skills, gives basic literacy and numeracy skills, and gives new meaning to refreshing the curriculum. Principal of Rantanpur Middle School, India, Mahesh Chaudhari says: “Klik2learn and Go Dharmic are trying to benefit the students by helping them improve their English language skills- especially those students who earlier were very poor in the subject. In the course of these 3-4 months, students will learn the basics of English (such as how to write, speak and pronounce easily). I really wish that this Kilk2learn and Go Dharmic initiative could be applied all around the world in every school to benefit more students!”


During the second deadly wave of Covid-19, many elderly, families and most vulnerable were not able to access medicine, food, water, or oxygen. Through their partnership with Uber, India, Go Dharmic, …”helped people who were jobless-those who found difficulty arranging food, for their families. I have driven their volunteers to deliver to the homeless and those in need at these crucial points….they help those in critical medical condition and in need of immediate assistance”- Nandan Singh, Uber Driver, Delhi, India


“This is our opportunity to help scale and build capacity to build 

the community of the future”– Hanuman Dass, Founder & Chairman Go Dharmic


Go Dharmic Around The World


Go Dharmic has helped Afghan Refugees in their hour of need, in Bushey, UK, Jewish Community, to provide all those newly arrived in the UK who were scared, traumatised with only the clothes on their backs, and provided emergency housing though local community & volunteers. 


Go Dharmic, along with the Jinja Educational Trust distributed food kits equivalent to 24,800 meals to teachers who were unable to feed their families due to the lockdown in Jinja, Uganda

Go Dharmic and Sparkle Foundation distributed food kits to families from the Odo Ayandelu community in Lagos and Abatiwa community in Ogun State, Nigeria. Distribution of ration kits equivalent to 48,000 meals.

A volunteer-led organisation, with a mission to ‘serve and empower’, the charity will use the £1M to serve vulnerable citizens, and replenish our natural environment. With the additional funds they will also further extend their humanitarian aid to 10 new cities this year. Go Dharmic’s Headline sponsor, Human Kind, have been inspired by Go Dharmic’s continued commitment to the communities in which they work:


“I support Go Dharmic’s ethos of compassion in action, they inspire acts of kindness and selfless service as a way of life. Go Dharmic has shown countless times that they not only have the desire, but the ability, to improve thousands of lives meaningfully and I encourage you to get involved wholeheartedly.”  – Ram Goyal, Human Kind


Other corporate and philanthropic sponsors, such as Estee Advisors, have joined the line up to match funds raised by champions within the 36 hours! Go Dharmic, calls the public to now join them in their campaign (#BeAChampion) to rebuild the community of the future by helping them hit their £1M goal in 36 hours. 



For Press on further information, images and interviews please contact:


Lili Gusto

Head of Public Relations



About Go Dharmic: 


International humanitarian and environmental charity, Go Dharmic- www.godharmic.com, brings people together to spread love and compassion through their social action campaigns. Inspired by the concept of ‘Dharma’, the charity has had thousands of volunteers globally to tireless in aiding food poverty alleviation, education, climate action, disaster relief and more. 


Working predominantly in India and the UK, Go Dharmic has distributed over five million meals to those in need and hungry. They have also provided critical relief in India during the pandemic with its Emergency Corona Virus Appeal, delivering food, medicine and oxygen to those unable to access them. The founding philosophy is to ‘love all’, ‘feed all’ and ‘serve all’.


The organisation was started in 2011 by Hanuman Dass, who created a platform to promote universal compassionate action, and to galvanise volunteers to give up their time to ‘make a difference’. Go Dharmic works as ambassadors of peace, and to help those least fortunate in our societies as to work to ‘heal’ our environment, society and planet. 

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