The Benefits Of Moissanite

It is easy to synthesize moissanite in a lab. The prices of moissanite are, therefore, much lower than the prices of diamonds. In fact, a lot of jewelry stores no longer sell moissanite rings. This is because moissanite rings are readily available and more common. 

The value of moissanite was 20,000 US dollars per carat in the past. It was, therefore, expensive for most people to purchase moissanite engagement rings. It is, however, affordable to purchase moissanite engagement rings these days. You can purchase them for around 4,000 US dollars per carat. Moissanite is a great gem for jewelry because of its qualities. 

Why Choose Moissanite Jewelry? 

Moissanite is perfect for an engagement ring because of its unique qualities. For instance, moissanite does not shatter or chip, and it can retain its sparkle and clarity forever. Moissanite stones are even better because they can resist scratching. Your engagement ring will, therefore, resist scratching. It can even retain its sparkle and clarity forever. 

It is essential to consider moissanite rings because of their striking qualities. Here are the top reasons to purchase moissanite jewelry:

They do not shatter or chip. They are, therefore, perfect for everyday jewelry wear because of this quality. 

They are classy and cheaper than diamond jewelry. It is easy to find multiple options since it is easy to synthesize them in labs. 

They are hard, so the engagement rings made from moissanite are durable. The hardness of moissanite on the Mohs scale is 9.25. 

They are not only great for special occasions. They are also perfect for everyday wear. It is, therefore, ideal for you if you love to wear jewelry daily. 

They come in various custom shapes and sizes. It is easy to get designer jewelry made from moissanite. 

How Do Moissanites Compare to Diamonds?

The best diamond alternatives are moissanite. This is one of the main reasons moissanite rings are more popular these days. It is easy to find beautiful jewelry pieces made from moissanite, including moissanite necklaces, moissanite earrings, moissanite engagement rings, and many more. 

The physical attributes of moissanite are the same as those of diamonds. It is, however, more difficult to find natural moissanite than to find diamonds. 

It is easy for manufacturers to synthesize moissanite in labs. They synthesize moissanite because of the increasing demand for moissanite. It is, therefore, easy to find moissanite in custom and large options. It is cheaper to purchase moissanite than to purchase diamonds, making them perfect for most jewelry enthusiasts. 

Why Choose Moissanite Rings Instead of Diamond Rings? 

A lot of jewelry companies sell moissanite products. For instance, Moissaniteco.Com specializes in both moissanite stones and moissanite rings. It is, however, crucial to research the stones because you choose your moissanite ring. 

Here are the things to consider if you want to choose moissanite rings instead of diamond rings. 

Manufacturers do not cut moissanite rings like diamond rings. They use elevated temperatures and high pressure to set them in moissanite rings. Then, they use diamond-tipped blades to cut them. The elevated temperatures and high pressure do not affect the quality of the moissanite stones. They can, however, reduce the yield of the moissanite stones. 

It is cheaper to purchase moissanite with smaller moissanite stones than to purchase the ones with larger moissanite stones. 

Manufacturers cut moissanite stones to enhance their fire and sparkle. Therefore, the refractive index of moissanite stones is higher than the refractive index of the diamond. They reflect more light than diamonds. That is why they are much brighter than diamonds of the same size. 

In summary, moissanite rings sparkle and shine more than diamond rings. Moissanite rings are perfect for people looking for affordable jewelry. They are also perfect for people who do not want to spend much money on natural moissanite. 

It is, however, difficult to buy moissanite rings since there are so many options on the market. You can use this information to buy the best moissanite engagement ring. It is, however, essential to do your due diligence before you buy your ring.

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