The London Festival® Finalises Partnerships with 11 London-Based Charities

In preparation for their upcoming 2023 event, The London Festival® have confirmed the intial line-up of 11 charities they will be partnering with for their two-week event.


The 11 charities represent some of the most important causes and initiatives affecting lives in the Capital today. From organisations that focus on improving literacy in disadvantaged communities, to those that are improving children’s lives through the power of performing arts, these charities are undertaking important work that is having a positive impact on communities around London.


The final list of The London Festival partnerships include: 


Each charity was selected by Empower London Foundation for their important work across the Capital and includes high-profile charities as the Mayor’s Fund for London and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. 


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and UK Reads are two charities that provide reading books for children, working to tackle the high rates of illiteracy that’s especially prevalent in underprivileged communities. Similarly, The Mayor’s Fund for London supports Londoners through food, education and employability programmes that are transforming young lives across the capital.

These charities will be the recipients of funds raised at The London Festival®; a vibrant festival of arts, music and culture that’s set to take place in 2023, created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions. The event aims to raise between 10 and 15 million for the festival’s partners, which will allow them to continue their important work running educational programmes, supporting entrepreneurs, and championing underprivileged communities, under-realised individuals, and disadvantaged children across the capital.


Despite finalising the partnerships with these 11 charities, The London Festival is still accepting additional partners. The organisation is currently encouraging local charities that wish to partner with them to get in touch online.


Michael S. Darcy , managing director of Nascent Vek Productionssaid “We’re extremely proud to be working with some of these incredible charities that are really changing the lives for people across London. Our London Festival is getting closer and closer, and now we have secured these partnerships, our fundraising has been given even more momentum. It promises to be a spectacular event, in aid of a great cause.” 



The London Festival® is committed to raising funds to better the lives of disadvantaged communities and underappreciated individuals in the capital by partnering with reputable charities and public sector organisations.


The two-week, family-friendly extravaganza will be packed with cultural events, historic wonders, and feel-good entertainment. Launching in the summer of 2023, guests will relive London’s colourful past through life-size reconstructions and virtual displays, before enjoying the city’s food, art, and culture and taking in the latest technologies. Every day, live musical performances from VIP artists and local talent will take place on the stage, with the line-up being selected by the general public through an innovative voting system.


The event has been created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions, which has committed to a ten-year plan for the Festival.

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