The Pixelated Picture Guessing Game

Taking inspiration from a slew of Wordle-Esque web games, Lookdle aims to entertain people with a new angle – guess the famous person in 5 tries, but the image is pixelated! After a failed guess, the image becomes clearer, in theory making it easier. Every day there is a new celebrity from a roster of thousands from popular TV series and Movies.
 The app has been developed by two lifelong friends Carl and Lee from Manchester, UK. Both being TV and film buffs and Carl being a big fan of Wordle, Carl conjured up the idea, noticing a lack of picture games, and tasked his friend Lee, a full-time developer, to build it in his rare spare time from his hectic work schedule.
After playing it amongst their friends, it’s already gaining attention and a regular player base off social media sites. The duo now has plans to expand the game modes covering time trials, and varying difficulty levels. Also, plans are afoot to broaden into different subject matters such as cartoon characters, historical figures, and sports personalities – with localized versions for different parts of the world and even kids’ versions. There will soon be an archive section where people can play past games to get a bigger Lookdle fix.

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