Independent film ‘Fading Petals’ screens theatrically with red carpet premiere before Apple TV release

Wednesday evening saw the UK premiere of Fading Petals at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford. 

In attendance was writer and director Bradley Charlton, lead actors Melanie Revill and Charlotte Reidie as well as cinematographer Oliver Rigby, composer William Cunningham and production designer Dan Evans. 

Writer and director Bradley Charlton said of the event “it’s been a long road to this point, almost two years, but we’re delighted to be able to reunite to watch the film on the big screen and hopefully with its release, the film will find as wide an audience as possible”

Nearly one hundred people pilled into the Ultimate Picture Palace for the screening. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting opinions of individuals that have reviewed for the film. Film Threat’s Bobby LePire commented on the quality of the two lead performances writing when “Reidie and Revill are on screen together, the film is truly alive.”

UK Film Review’s Jason Knight echoed this writing “The atmosphere is downbeat and the dramatic revelations, confrontations and powerful performances make this movie an admirable achievement”

Fading Petals sees a young woman (Charlotte Reidie) appear at a sickly older woman’s home (Melanie Revill) in order to assist her. After a hostile first encounter and despite their misgivings, the two slowly open up to one another and form an unexpected bond. However, their affinity is short lived when harsh words are spoken and buried memories resurface as matters  spiral out of control. 

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