Is An Electrician Apprenticeship Worth It?

Working as an electrician is an attractive option when wishing to avoid doing the same tasks throughout your career. It offers several options for advancements, with the diverse skills available ensuring you have no room for boredom. An electrician apprenticeship presents the perfect way of beginning your journey into this exciting field.

Undertaking a training program is worth it for the opportunities it offers. Flexibility is its most significant advantage since it enables you to work and learn, making the most of your time.

Understanding an Electrician Training Program 

An electrician-training program typically lasts four to five years, with a flexible schedule to work and study. This balance creates an ideal program where you develop your skills as a student via on-the-job training. It aids you in saving time you would otherwise spend growing practical skills after graduating.

You can find work as an apprentice electrician by asking local coordinators of a training institute in your region. Some training programs such as IEC, trade schools, and community colleges can provide proper guidance and advice available apprenticeship offers. You can better understand the programs and know what to expect from the apprenticeship from the feedback.

For instance, the IEC apprenticeship in Cincinnati has a 4-year program involving at least 144 classroom hours per year. You can also function as an employee of an IEC member contractor to help you earn as you learn. This system means you only spend out-of-pocket expenses on textbook fees.

The apprenticeship offers one to two evening classes per week for flexible training. It lets you complete a minimum of 8,000 hours of paid on-the-job training. Some sessions include online training, where you learn from instructors and view live demonstrations.

Electrician Career Path

An electrician is one of the highest-paid skilled trades. It also offers room for increasing technical knowledge and diverse skills, presenting more opportunities for an income boost. It is worth it to undertake an electrician apprenticeship for the career paths it offers.

Once you pass the apprenticeship examinations, you become a journeyman electrician. This position provides access to multiple job areas, including public utility, maintenance, residential, outside wireman, industrial, and commercial. You can get several job descriptions in these sectors, such as supervisors, project managers, sales managers, and inspectors.

After a minimum of two years as a journeyman, you can take the Master’s exam. Passing this test leads you to become a master electrician, a position that enables you to pull permits. You can also establish your electrical contracting company upon attaining this level.

What Do You Need to Apply for an Electrician Apprenticeship Program?

Generally, you can begin the application for an apprenticeship at the office of your chosen institute. For example, you can submit your application at your local chapter if choosing the IEC program. This step includes submitting your documents and a minimal application fee.

It is necessary to possess a high school diploma or GED to apply for the program. Some places require you to be a high school youth apprentice if you do not have a high school diploma. You also fill out an application form and submit all the necessary paperwork, such as school transcripts.

After these steps, you undergo a math assessment test to achieve a passing grade. Some programs allow you to attend a 3-day class if you fail your assessment. You may also have to pass a reading test in specific locations.

Once you finish these procedures, you attend orientation. It is necessary to note that you require a valid driver’s license. You also want dependable transportation to move between job sites and classes.

An electrician-training program is a worthwhile investment that offers job security while opening future doors for growth. These apprenticeships provide ideal conditions for development, enabling you to learn while working. They help you get your foot in a fascinating electrical field that continues to evolve with technology.