What Does the Role of an Aesthetic Nurse Entail?

The role of nurses as medical health professionals cannot be undermined at any time. They impact patients’ lives in versatile ways and make sure that they receive the required care. The same is also applicable for cosmetic or aesthetic nurses. Aesthetic nurses are those registered nurses who provide cosmetic care and services to the patients.

With the appropriate aesthetic nurse training, you will be able to provide in-office and non-invasive procedures. These include laser skin treatment, fillers, tattoo removal, liposuction, and more. Aesthetic nurses work in various settings and primarily help people who want to rectify their physical appearance in any way.

Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse

If you want to pursue a career as an aesthetic nurse, you must first become a registered nurse. You can do this by either attending school for two years for an associate’s degree in nursing or getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which takes a minimum of four years. After this, you have to sit for the national exam to get registered as a nurse.

Before you can start working as a cosmetic nurse in the field, you need the proper aesthetic nurse training. Many people choose to work as an assistant under a certified aesthetic nurse to get first-hand exposure to the job profile. You may also choose to work under certified physicians who specialize in cosmetic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology, or ophthalmology.

While you are ready to take on the title of an aesthetic nurse after gaining experience for two years, you can also apply for further certifications. This boosts your credentials and makes you more acceptable for a job in the field.

Job Profile of an Aesthetic Nurse: An Overview

Aesthetic nurses have to take upon several responsibilities, whether working in a clinic or a certified spa. Aesthetic nurses can assist plastic surgeons during a procedure and perform various other duties. They generally work in medispas, plastic surgery offices, and dermatologists.

Those who study cosmetic nursing generally take on the roles of injection specialists, plastic surgery nurses, dermatology nurses, or aesthetic nurse specialists. They generally deal with appearance and skin-related issues.

Preliminary Responsibilities of Aesthetic Nurses

Some of the essential responsibilities that aesthetic nurses undertake include:

  • Aesthetic nurses are the point of contact for patients when they want to enhance their appearance. These are the first people that patients speak to and have a general consultation with. Aesthetic nurses are responsible for scheduling an interview and conducting the preliminary screening required before talking to a doctor.
  • Aesthetic nurses are responsible for assessing skin-related problems, skin aging issues, and identifying other health problems associated with skin and appearance.
  • Aesthetic nurses perform all kinds of preoperative functions and provide post-operative care.
  • They take care of many non-invasive procedures, including chemical peels, dermal fillers, and also administer Botox injections.
  • They are responsible for sterilizing various instruments required during a cosmetic procedure.
  • They prepare surgery suites and make sure that all arrangements are made in due time.
  • They have to upgrade their knowledge from time to time, keeping up with recent processes and developments that took place in the field.
  • They also help surgeons and cosmetic physicians during a particular cosmetic surgery.

Treatments Provided by Aesthetic Nurses

Aesthetic nurses who specialize in various aspects of cosmetic surgery and continue to gain credentials in the field are also capable of providing various treatments. Some of these treatments include medical needling, dermal fillers, tattoo removal, radiofrequency, intense pulsed light, laser treatment, medical microdermabrasion, carboxytherapy, sclerotherapy, mesotherapy, and deep cleanse.

While most of these procedures, as mentioned above, are non-invasive, aesthetic nurses do assist surgeons during many invasive procedures. They provide skin care advice and have extensive knowledge of products and procedures. They are excellent for providing guidance and consultation and form an essential bridge between doctors and patients.

Demand for Aesthetic Nurses

With the rise in demand for aesthetic surgeries and various cosmetic procedures, the demand for aesthetic nurses is also increasing. They perform various functions in aesthetic treatment, and the role cannot be undermined at all. The need for aesthetic nurses cannot be compromised, and hence they are earning quite a lot in the present day and age.

With more people complaining of aging, unwanted fat, and dissatisfied appearance, the cosmetic industry is swelling. Aesthetic nurses make significant contributions wherever they are employed, and their services remain irreplaceable. So, if you plan to become an aesthetic nurse, it is essential to get certified immediately and receive proper training to rise the career ladder. Find the best program in the country to get started.