Coming to the UK from the EU to grow a business? Study and take your A1 test with LanguageCert before you apply for your visa

Despite Brexit and the borders being temporarily closed to many countries the UK is determined to bounce back quickly and many predictions are that the economy will grow rapidly (some saying by up to 6%) in the next two quarters. Many Europeans still want to come and expand their EU based business in the UK, especially now we’re coming out of the pandemic.

To take advantage of this opportunity to be part of this potential boom and grow either your own or your employers’ business you will need a Representative of an Overseas business Visa. Wherever you come from, you must satisfy visa requirements to be able to stay in the UK and for many people one of those is passing the basic SELT A1 exam.

For a busy business person this can seem another daunting task on the road to business success. LanguageCert offers Home Office approved Ofqual regulated English language exams for UK visas and immigration.

The team at LanguageCert has put some top tips to take the worry out of studying and preparation for the A1 test, smoothing the path to getting your visa and letting you focus on business.

1.     Make a timetable. If you know you have to take and pass your exam by a certain date, make a plan to start studying well in advance.  Set aside a certain amount of time each day or evening to work on the skills you need.  If you’re busy working during the day set aside bite size chunks of time in the evening to study.

2.     Do your homework.  LanguageCert has some fantastic videos that walk you through the preparation and exam (step by step) and help you understand the kind of questions you will be asked and the meaning of those questions.

3.     Try and immerse yourself in English, watch T.V., listen to the radio and look at newspapers, these are fun ways to help you prepare for the exams and you’ll start understanding recognising words and meanings.

4.     Practice, practice, practice. You can never prepare too much, and the more you practice the more confident you will feel in the exam.

Andrew Harrison of LanguageCert says: “LanguageCert offers a fresh approach to the SELT exams, and our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for everyone by supporting candidates with as much information as possible to help get them through the A1 Speaking & Listening exam. There are other advantages in taking your A1 Speaking & Listening exam with us giving you the reassurance that you are in a safe pair of hands.

·       Our exams are high-quality, reliable and developed to the most rigorous standards

·       We issue superfast results (preliminary results shortly after the completion of the exam & official results in just 3 business days)

·       We offer flexible and innovative exam administration technologies and systems – focused on making the user experience as easy as possible

·       We are recognised worldwide by official authorities, organisations and Higher Education Institutions globally


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LanguageCert is an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation dedicated to language skills assessment and certification. It is a UK-based company of PeopleCert Group, a global leader in the certification industry, that has been delivering millions of exams in over 200 countries.

LanguageCert develops its own qualifications and offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality English language certifications at all CEFR levels, catering to candidates wanting to study, work or live-in English-speaking environments. For the delivery of its own qualifications, as well as for examinations delivered in collaboration with its partners, LanguageCert deploys state-of-the-art, innovative, and flexible exam administration technologies and systems developed by PeopleCert, which are tailor-made to each exam’s specific requirements.

LanguageCert qualifications are internationally recognised by official authorities, universities, colleges, and organisations.

LanguageCert is committed to serving its network of Approved Test Centres, and all language schools and teachers who prepare students for LanguageCert qualifications to world class standards. The quality of its range of qualifications is continuously monitored and verified by an Advisory Council of world leading academics.

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