New Dating App where you can only communicate using voice notes

Posted on: 26 Oct, Author: string

London, United Kingdom, October 27 – String is a new dating app that takes things back to basics and allows users to message each other using only voice notes. No text messages. Using your voice leads to more fun, interesting and organic conversations than just using regular text messages. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to truly connect with your match before even going on a date.

After having used dating apps in the past, it became apparent that it’s difficult to get your true personality across through text messages. Especially when talking to someone new. Sometimes jokes are misunderstood and sarcasm is missed because they are just words on a screen and you don’t really know the person you are talking to well enough. So, we thought why not do the natural thing and let people use their voice. This is how you’d approach someone in real life and that shouldn’t change just because a phone is now involved.

On the app, users are able to use filters to narrow down who they want to be shown and use a familiar swipe left/right gesture to find a potential match. When there is a match, users can record and send voice notes back and forth. Hearing the voice of your match adds a very exciting dynamic as it allows you to get to know their true personality and vibe from an early stage before even meeting in person. In addition, studies show that accents are also quite an important part of the attraction for a lot of people – and can even be deal breakers for some.

As mentioned on – Given the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, it has become apparent that going on dates is not always going to be possible due to the social distancing measures in place, so it’s important to still have other ways to make real connections with new people, and we believe using your voice has always and still will be the best way to do so.

Since launching, the app has already been a huge hit with a lot of people, especially women. In fact, there are more women currently signed up than men which is quite unusual as women normally account for only ~30% on other dating apps. The app has also been very popular with students. We believe this is because voice notes are becoming the preferred way of communicating with this age group. As recent graduates ourselves who regularly prefer voice noting, we knew this would be the case.

The app is free to use and available for both iOS and Android

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